Antonio Conte denies being close to leaving Tottenham after Burnley defeat, explains crisis

Antonio CONTE denied he almost left Tottenham after the defeat at Burnley on Wednesday, but warned: “Don’t invite me to dinner after the defeat.”

The Spurs boss lashed out at his players and the club and even questioned his own future after their fourth loss in five Premier League matches.


The head of the “spurs” Antonio Conte said that he hates nothing in life more than defeat.1 credit
Banley Defender Ben Mee Sank Tottenham With A Header In The 71St Minute.


Banley defender Ben Mee sank Tottenham with a header in the 71st minute.1 credit

The serial winner of the Italian admitted that he is a bad loser, adding: “Of course, when you lose a game, I am not the person to have lunch with. You must understand that I am not that person.

“When I lose a game, I am in a very bad mood, I prefer to be alone. I prefer to leave defeat, be alone and metabolize defeat.

“I need one day to recover – at least.

“It’s me, I don’t like to lose. If you ask me what I hate the most in life is losing games.

“My mentality is to prepare myself, prepare my players, prepare my team and avoid situations like this because I am suffering.

“There are many coaches who do not suffer. Sometimes I envy this person because I wanted to be a little soft, but at the same time, this makes me the person that I am and who in his career won first as a player and then as a coach.

“Of course when I lose, if you expect me to be happy or come to a press conference and laugh, I’m not the right person.

“I’m sorry if I show my disappointment, because maybe it would be good to keep it to myself and not show my emotions.


“I am an honest person, it is difficult for me to lie or hide the truth, and for this reason, sometimes after a loss I am not in the best mood. Sorry about that, but I am.”

Conte’s comments after the 1-0 defeat suggest he was contemplating his future.

But he was in a much happier and more relaxed mood when he spoke to the media on the Friday before Saturday’s lunchtime clash in Leeds.

Asked if he was close to leaving the Spurs, he said: “No, but I think my words were very, very clear.

“I said that in the last five games it is not normal to lose four games.

“When a situation like this happened, you should definitely freshen up, right? To reflect, to begin to evaluate why this happened, and try to find a solution, try to find an answer.

“I think it’s normal also because I’m not used to losing like that when I was a player, when I was a coach.

“Of course, this situation hurts me a lot, and I hope that my players as well as the club.”

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