A Brave Sun man takes cover from Russian shells exploding on the front line as a Ukrainian soldier displays the trophies of his dead enemies

THIS is a dramatic moment. Sun reporter Jerome Starkey was forced to take cover from Russian shells tearing through the front lines today.

Russian rockets fired at Ukraine on Friday as families hid in shelters and air raid sirens wailed over major cities.


Jerome Starkey was forced to hide while reporting in Kharkov1 credit
The Sun Editor Jerome Starkey On The Front Lines In Ukraine


The Sun editor Jerome Starkey on the front lines in Ukraine1 credit
Ukrainian Soldier Showed Stripes Of Killed Russian Servicemen


Ukrainian soldier showed stripes of killed Russian servicemen1 credit

But Russia also appears to have been advancing on the outskirts of Kharkov, nearly 300 miles away, as Russian forces pushed deeper into Ukraine.

Our man of the Sun, Jerome, was forced to dive for cover with Ukrainian troops as Russian shells rained down nearby.

Reporting from the outskirts of the city, Jerome said, “Everyone just needed to take cover … we could hear the shells flying.”

Dramatic frontline footage shows a Ukrainian soldier diving in front of our defense editor in thick snow as explosions can be heard in the distance.

Later, a Ukrainian soldier showed Jerome his trophies of killed enemies while they were standing in the trenches.

The soldier could be seen standing in the blizzard with a set of patches he claimed he had taken from dead Russian soldiers.

Jerome was on his way to Kharkiv to confirm reports of Ukrainian forces using weapons from the West to repel Russian advances. in the city.

And in the back of a police car, he was shown weapons supplied by the British Army.

Earlier, reporting from the side of the road, he said: “This is the road to Kharkiv, the second city of Ukraine, which was the first place that really faced a major tank assault when the Russian invasion began yesterday.

“We are heading there to try and find out a little more about what exactly happened. There have been reports of several Russian tanks being destroyed by Ukrainian, British and American weapons.

“You can see from the weather that the snow has really changed a lot.

“The traffic behind me is moving away from the city – we were driving in the opposite direction. At the moment we are one of the few cars on the road.

“Snow on the road is as much of a problem as the risk of running into Russians.”

Standing at a checkpoint outside the city, he said: “We have just reached the border of Ukrainian-held territory on the outskirts of Kharkiv – and you can see the soldiers behind me, on duty at the checkpoint, and the sound of gunfire.

“We’re just trying to get about 100 meters beyond this position, where we can see the wreckage of one of the blown up tanks.”


The Ukrainians were warned that their “hardest day” was in store for the expected all-out Russian offensive.

At least 137 Ukrainians have already died across the country at the hands of Putin’s forces after the assault began at 3:30 am on Thursday.

Kiev faces an uncertain future as the country comes under Russian air, land and sea attacks.

American intelligence now fears that Putin could topple Kiev in as little as 96 hours, as Russian troops moved only 20 miles after capturing nearby Chernobyl.

Ukrainian sources said they agreed that the capital would be surrounded within the next four days.

But they insisted that the government would not collapse.

Ukrainians remain recalcitrant and put up strong resistance to the Russian occupiers.

But they have faced an uphill battle as Putin turned his massive military against his neighbor.

Boris Johnson has now called for more support for Ukraine as a “very urgent” meeting with the Baltic states.

A spokesman for the prime minister said: “The leaders agreed that more sanctions are needed, including focusing on President Putin’s inner circle, building on the measures already agreed.

“Ukraine needs to be given more support, which is a matter of extreme necessity,” the Prime Minister called.

Ukrainian Soldier Holding A Grenade Launcher Near Kharkov


Ukrainian soldier holding a grenade launcher near KharkovCredit: Reuters
Destroyed Russian Military Equipment In Kharkov


Destroyed Russian military equipment in KharkovCredit: Reuters
A Ukrainian Soldier Lies On The Ground At A Combat Position In Kharkiv.


A Ukrainian soldier lies on the ground at a combat position in Kharkiv.Credit: Reuters
Snow Swept In Kharkov.


Snow swept in Kharkov.Credit: Reuters

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