September 21, 2021

An autopsy confirmed the girl’s partially eaten body confirmed the animal attack.

In a tragic incident, police found the partially eaten body of a nine-month-old girl near a pond.

A shocking revelation was made in Lakhimpur district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday afternoon. Times of India.. The child went missing while sleeping in the yard with his mother.

The autopsy confirmed that the child had been killed by an animal. Officers suspect the girl was picked up by a wild animal and dragged into a pond.

The boy’s parents immediately called the police after he went missing. Since his house is located near the forest area, the officers deployed two special teams to comb the area, including the forest. A few hours later, they found the baby’s remains near the water.

“The baby’s house is on the edge of the village and is surrounded by farmland. Carnivorous animals such as jackals, wolves and leopards crawl between sugarcane crops ready for harvest. Recently, a pack of wolves killed two goats. Killed the village, “said a senior official.

Animal attacks have been frequent in the area as it falls under the Social Forestry Zone. Since then, the Forest Department has conducted repeated awareness classes in nearby villages. Officials also gave specific instructions to parents not to let their children sleep alone in the open, especially during the harvest season. According to a report, this is because vegetarians, who are natural prey for large cats, enter crop fields in search of food and attract meat eaters to the area.

In another case of animal attack on July 30, the body of a three-year-old girl was found in a forest in Lakhimpur district of Uttar Pradesh. A search was made shortly after the child’s disappearance and the girl’s body was found in the bushes, about 200 meters from her hut. The body was dragged so badly that only parts of its head and shoulders could be seen. There were no signs of the rest of his limbs. Although fox traces were found in the area, police believe the baby was first attacked by another animal.

Representation Photo: Pixabay

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