September 21, 2021

After a devastating cancer diagnosis, GMB’s Susanna Red reached out to an ITV colleague.

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid contacted a “brave” ITV colleague during the battle for leukemia.

Jeff Hill, 52, the editor of ITN, was diagnosed with cancer after a routine blood test in 2017, and he talks about his experience in a new interview.

Susanna has sent her support to former ITV colleague Jeff Hill.


Susanna has sent her support to former ITV colleague Jeff Hill.Credit: Rex
Geoff was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017.


Geoff was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017.Credit: Twitter

Geoff revealed that after undergoing a series of treatments – including 100 rounds of chemotherapy, and 38 bone marrow biopsies – he is still not out of the woods.

Addressing Mail online.He added that he thought he had taken more than 6,000 pills in his fight against leukemia.

Sharing the article, Susanna, 50, sent her love and support when she tweeted: “A brave man – with an incredible support team. Sending power offgeoffhillitv ureCureLeukaemia”

Geoff recalled a “sideway knock” from his severe lymphoblastic diagnosis, where he was told he could die just hours later because he had been forced to have an emergency blood transfusion.

He explained: “I was out of breath, I was sweating and lacking energy, but you don’t think you have blood cancer.

“No one does. But the signs are really important.

“The smallest virus could kill me. It could happen if someone sneezed. My immune system was completely compromised.”

Geoff was put in an excited coma after experiencing a seizure six weeks ago, which doctors thought would keep him out.

The illness also meant that the popular editor had to make a difficult decision to step down as editor of ITV News last year, but he had the support of his former colleagues.

Susanna Reid pays tribute to Sarah Harding at GMB after the tragic death of Girlwood star.

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