September 18, 2021

A close aide to Prince Charles resigned after cash prizes were leaked.

Prince Charles’s close aide Michael Fawcett, who handles several of his charitable works, has resigned following a leak involving him in the “Cash for Honors” scandal.

According to the report Sunday Times And Mail on Sunday.The royal aide reportedly offered to help honor the Saudi tycoon, who made several large donations to Prince Charles’ charity. The billionaire, Mohib Murree Mubarak bin Mohib, was made an honorary CBE (Greatest Order of the British Empire) in late 2016.

Fawcett reportedly said in a letter to Mehboob at the time that the royal charity Knighthood would be “happy and willing” to use its influence to help him seek British citizenship. Faced with a letter from journalists this weekend, Fawcett resigned as chief executive of Prince Charles’s umbrella group charity, The Prince Foundation.