September 22, 2021

About half of the rolls are isolated at St. Ninen’s in Kirknteloch, near Glasgow.

Hundreds of students at a school near Glasgow were isolated yesterday due to cowardice.

The Glasgow Times understands that 405 at St. Ninen High School in Kirknteloch’s 850 roll did not attend classes on Tuesday and that many PCR tests were negative. This number represents more than half of the school roll.

Andreas Bamford, vice-president of the EIS Teachers’ Union and East Dunbartonshire local secretary, said: BBC Radio Scotland’s drivetime program.St. Ninen’s High School had 405 students off, accounting for 45% of the school’s total roll.

“Obviously not all of them are due to cowardice but this is still a sign of a high level in the community.”

“Half the students are in class, half at home – it’s really unsatisfactory.

“It undermines the ability to provide quality education and learning.”

East Dunbartonshire. Council It has been confirmed today that they know of a school with a high absenteeism rate.

A spokesman for East Dunbartonshire Council said: “We can confirm that one school today has a high absenteeism rate.

The majority of absentees are students who are isolated while waiting for PCR test results.

“Schools are working with parents and caregivers to reduce learning barriers for students who need to be isolated.”

Addressing Clyde Radio. Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer praised St. Ninen’s immediate response measures and used the opportunity to call for more testing services at suspected Cowed hotspots.

Glasgow Times:

Photo: Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer calls for more code testing.

He said: “St. Ninen’s students, staff and their families should be commended for taking this cautious approach in the face of growing infection.

“When the epidemic broke out on the south side of Glasgow earlier this year, we saw the public. Health Teams conduct door-to-door testing, which identified the epidemic and brought it under control.

“A similar approach must now be taken in and around Kirknteloch, to give the much-needed reassurance to the community.”

Here comes the news. Scotland A total of 6170 new cases were reported.

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