September 23, 2021

A bicycle library has opened in London to attract as many people as possible.

The Library Tower is located in an empty shop in Hamlets, where residents can borrow a motorcycle for free, and go for guided rides to boost their confidence.

London’s Bicycle Superhighways and the popular motorcycle rental scheme, together with that. The fastest way to get around the city is cycling., Has set the wheels in motion for a pedal revolution in the English capital. But while more people are jumping into the saddle, many still lack the confidence, knowledge and equipment to get a ride.

A Pop-Up Cycle Library in Tower Hamlets The most deprived area of ​​London. – To address this, it launched Popular this week, transforming an empty shop into a ‘bicycle hub’ where children and adults living locally can borrow motorcycles for free. Crisp Street Community Cycle It also provides free bicycle advice, free motorcycle repairs and guided rides to boost people’s confidence.

The monthly pilot is a partnership between the environmental welfare organization Hubb, the Poplar Harka Housing Association, and the walking and cycling welfare organization Sisters. The idea is to break down barriers that prevent people from cycling in London, including access to equipment and safety concerns. Those behind the project hope it will encourage similar initiatives elsewhere.

Babu Bhattacharjee, director of communities and neighborhoods at Poplar Harka, said, “Cycling offers many benefits for building sustainable and developing neighborhoods.

“But lack of access, storage and trust can be a barrier to getting people on bikes in Popular. That’s why such initiatives, which provide opportunities for locals to borrow and learn about motorcycles, This is important if we want to encourage more cycling in our communities.

The Bicycle Library was inspired by other cycling projects in London, including. Bicycle sisters, A charity that helps Muslim women gain confidence to ride a motorcycle. research. Has found that women, especially those from minority backgrounds, are less likely to see cycling as an option for themselves and their families.

Cycling in London

Those who live behind the pop-up library hope that this will affect similar projects elsewhere.

A Tower Hamlets resident, who gave his name as Sangeeta, said the center helped his son gain the confidence to ride a motorcycle he was not using.

“A year ago, my son’s motorbike was sitting at home collecting dust because he didn’t know how to ride it. Hub has helped him. Bicycle experts there make sure his The bike has been adjusted for its fit and comfort. Now, when my son rides the bike, the kids see, appreciate. I wish other kids would do the same.

The Bicycle Library has also helped Sangeeta become more confident in Saddle. So much so that she now rides a bicycle to work. “For me, being able to sell free cycling lessons, learn about motorcycle safety and maintenance is changing the game. If you’re rusty like me, you can learn to ride.

The project aims to break down barriers that prevent many people from cycling.

The UK government wants half of travel in cities and towns to be cycled or on foot by 2030. Decarbonizing transport report. Quad Lockdown has helped the country move towards this goal. According to the Strava, Riding and Cycling app, the number of motorcycle trips in London increased by more than 35% between February 2020 and February 2021.

“Cycling not only helps tackle climate change, but it also improves air quality, health and well-being, reduces congestion and reduces noise pollution,” said Hubb CEO Trevin Restork. ۔ ” “Every section of the community should have the opportunity to enjoy the cycling offer. We look forward to sharing this pilot’s learning with other organizations that want to support community cycling schemes.”

Photos: Crisp Street Community Bicycle.

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