September 19, 2021

A new center for adults with severe learning difficulties has opened in Lesbourne.

Official launch day celebrations.

The much-anticipated launch celebrated the launch of a new and exciting center dedicated to providing a special young adult focused service for young people between the ages of 19 and 35.

Mr. Philip Ren Adair, Director of Services, welcomed all those who had gathered on Monday morning in the temporary premises of Denmark NSP Church Hall.

Philip, a senior leader who has taught in the special school sector for 16 years, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this exciting service.

Participants, parents and community representatives celebrate the official opening of the Live Life Wellness Center.

With the passion of young people with learning difficulties, Philip and his team are fully committed to providing high quality opportunities of the day.

Guests on this day included key partners, many participants and their parents / guardians, trust representatives and social work, political faces: Lesburn Councilor, MLA, Education Minister Ms. Michelle McElon MLA and RT on Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Lagan Valley.

The launch allowed guests to view the ‘Live Life’ minibus, which was generously sponsored by the David Cross Foundation, founder Dr Terry Cross MBE, Hunch Distillery.

Guests were also offered a ‘light room’ to engage in interactive sensor-based activities for adult participants, as well as future custom building projects.

Mr. Philip Ren Adair, Director of Services (left) with guests at the launch.

LLWBC & SE is based locally in the Lisbon area, offering five-day appointments, funded by self-directed support. Staffed by academic professionals, the service is door-to-door and offers a range of activities ranging from local community-based initiatives to sensory and therapeutic activities such as animal therapy.

Many educational programs promote the physical and mental well-being of young people where they can also follow in-country employment skills programs, where they receive a weekly salary.

Parents were very happy that day and commented on how amazing the new service is going to be, which has a huge and valuable impact on their children’s lives.

As the service covers both education and health, Health Minister Robin Swann, who apologized for the launch, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the launch of the Life Live Wellness Center.

Michelle McEwen, Philip Ren Adair, and RT On Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP.

It has been a difficult year for people with learning disabilities, carers and families and I hope your project can play a key role in helping to restore normalcy and bring service users to their full potential.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson congratulated everyone on what they have achieved so far and acknowledged the need for additional specialist options in the Lesbourne and Castlereg area for families and young people with special educational needs after leaving school at the age of 19. What

“It’s an honor and privilege to spend our day helping these young people learn new things,” said Philip Ren Adair, director of services, thanking the participants, founding members and parents.

Official launch day celebrations.
Michelle McEwen, Minister of Education, Mr. Colin Ward, Principal Park View Special School, RT on Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Mr. Philip Ren Adair, Director Services, Rev. Christopher Hudson MBE, Rev. Dr. Stanley Gamble
Guests were guided through specific plans for the future.
Among the many guests were Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and Education Minister Michelle McEwen.

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