September 25, 2021

A place where the language of justice can counter the madness of murder.


It’s an extraordinary ordeal, and the facilities in its homes are, by themselves, on an extraordinary scale.

The trial of 20 people accused of involvement in the November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks on the Bataclan concert venue, the Stade de France, and several bars and cafes in the center of the French capital will begin next week in Paris. Is.

Special room

One hundred and thirty people lost their lives. To accommodate the large number of survivors, witnesses, relatives, lawyers and journalists, a special high security room has been set up inside the venerable Palais de Justice in central Paris. A vast step to the final act of a terrible tragedy.

Statistics are soothing, not heartbreaking.

One hundred and thirty killed, hundreds injured, physically and mentally. At least one suicide is directly related to the tragedy.

5 years investigation.

Nearly five five-year police investigations, 47,000 interviews, produce 542 volumes of evidence. The trial is expected to last 140 days, expanding over the next nine months.

There will be 330 lawyers, with a maximum of 1,800 relatives of victims and survivors. 141 media journalists, 58 news organizations from outside France have been approved. Probably a maximum of 3,000 people will attend on the busiest days.

To accommodate all of this, a new room has been built inside the Paris Palace de Justice at a cost of eight million euros.

Deliberate choice of venue.

The choice of location was deliberate, with French authorities trying to provide a solid background to the tragic events that will be reviewed here.

As Judge Dennis Sals recently told the Le Monde newspaper, “The location of the trial is very important.

Criminal justice responds to political or social violence.

“This attack was part of the Islamic State’s war against France, against the infidels. But for us, this test has nothing to do with war.

“What is at stake is to show that our liberal criminal justice is far more powerful than the enemy can imagine.”

“We believe that words can control and control violence, which is why the space is conceived and every voice is allowed to be heard.”

A structure similar to the science fiction baroque.

If the date outside the court building is from the mid-1800s, the new courtroom is very modern.

Tribute to Manuel Dias.  Stade de France, St. Denis.  November 13, 2016.
Tribute to Manuel Dias. Stade de France, St. Denis. November 13, 2016. AFP – Philip Weisser

Unprecedented security.

The tribunal will sit in the main court hall of the old court, mainly inside a white and golden wooden structure, the level of security of which has never been reached before, which is effectively a large television studio, 45 meters long. , 15 meters wide.

Terrorists kill 90 in Bataklan
Terrorists kill 90 in Bataklan © AP – Adrian Wild.

Live TV coverage of the proceedings will be available in a dozen other rooms of the Policy de Justice, for the family, the general public, and the majority of journalists.

For families who cannot or do not want to attend, Internet radio service will be available so that those who are primarily concerned can listen to the conversation. Relatives have been given special codes to access this web radio.

The entire trial will be filmed for historical purposes.

The decision will be made at the end of May 2022.


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