September 17, 2021

A former Arizona police officer dragged a pet dog behind a truck, captured on camera

Investigators said Wednesday that a former Mesa Police Department, Arizona officer has been arrested after being caught on camera dragging a dog.

Court documents say police responded after receiving a report of a property near Colt Road that a dog had been abused. Officers met with the property manager, who said he saw a truck dragging a dog behind him. AZ Family. Is informed.

The manager then showed officers CCTV footage showing a large pickup truck heading south on Coat Road, with Brown Canine dragged a few feet behind him. The video also showed the manager trying to flag the car on the road.

As part of the investigation, the officer visited an animal shelter down the street where he was told a man named Spencer Allen had arrived, claiming he had found an injured dog on the street. He claimed that the dog was driven by a car and wanted to be put down.

The shelter manager told officers that Alan grabbed the dog by the collar and walked away. The dog was bleeding profusely and the skin on its hind legs was completely torn. The manager told Allen that the dog needed treatment and could not be put down because it could be owned. After that, the accused released the dog saying that he was taking the dog to the veterinary hospital.

Investigators then went to the veterinary hospital where they were told that a man had come in with an injured dog and told staff to put him down.

Allen completed the paperwork in which he claimed the dog was a stray and felt that the dog should be “only executed.” The staff noted that the suspect was “extraordinarily calm and was collected for someone who had brought the dog with such extensive injuries.”

The dog underwent emergency surgery during which it was discovered that the dog’s abdominal cavity had been punctured due to which the lung had collapsed. The dog eventually died, News 12 Is informed.

The accused was taken into custody for questioning during which he confessed to the crime. He told officers that the dog was his pet. The man was taken into custody and taken to Penal County Jail on animal cruelty charges.

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