September 18, 2021

An 11-year-old boy accidentally touches the scrotum with a 5 cm long stick.

An 11-year-old boy from Makasar, Indonesia, cut his testicle with a stick about 5 cm long after falling from a tree.

The bizarre accident allegedly happened when he was climbing a two-meter trunk and lost his leg. He landed on a branch that pierced her genitals and left her testicles missing a millimeter. X-ray Images The stick appeared to have penetrated to the left under her scrotum and passed through her navel.

The unidentified patient had to undergo four hours of surgery to remove the stick when doctors scanned the area to make sure his testicles were not damaged. They used a small plastic pipe called the Penrose Drain to drain any excess fluid. The boy was then given antibiotics and a tetanus shot to prevent infection. Since then, he has fully recovered.

The incident happened a month ago, but recently medical experts discussed it due to the sensitivity of the situation. This could have resulted in fatal injuries if the rod fell deeper and hit vital organs.

Jonathan Glass, a consulting urological surgeon and member of the Royal College of Surgeons, said the boy was lucky because the stick could enter the urethra, testicles or penis.

“This young boy was lucky that the foreign body did not pierce any vital structure. Injuries to the scrotum and perineum are fortunately rare,” he said. Daily mail.

“Other structures that are at risk, if anything passes through the abdomen, are the bladder, small and large intestines, and large arteries and veins. All of these injuries can have lifelong consequences for this patient,” he added. Can. “

Scrotum injuries are rare, although potentially fatal. Others have had similar accidents in the past. Athlete Zack McWorter, 21, had to undergo 18 stitches after completing his pool vault in Provo, Utah, and the pole hit his elbow. Similarly, a 22-year-old builder from Huzhou, East China, suffered a tragic accident while working when he fell about 13 feet on a rebar. The metal pipe went to his back and almost punctured his heart.

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