September 20, 2021

Austrian boss Franco Foda will inquire into the private squad before visiting Scotland.

Austrian Guffer Franco Foda will inquire into a private squad before visiting Scotland.

But the under-fire coach criticized Israel’s tactics in the humiliating 5-2 defeat. Austrian TV pundit Roman Mehlich slaughtered Foda as he started from the back three in the defeat.

Austrian Guerrero Franco Foda.


Austrian Guerrero Franco Foda.

The national boss said: “I don’t understand what Roman Mahlich said and he was a coach. There was harmony in the first half and there were opportunities.

“There are always reasons to lose, but it wasn’t the system. There are many factors – short preparation, some players who weren’t there – but we don’t want to make excuses.

“The only difference was the performance in front of the goal.

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“Everyone watched the game, how many chances we got in the first half and how we played with the emphasis on attack.

“Defensively, the first goal had nothing to do with the system. The way Munawar Suleiman shot into the corner.

There were third and fourth individual errors. We were punished and we missed opportunities, but now we will go and try to beat Scotland.

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As pressure mounted on the Austrian boss, the Israelis ended Foda’s defense.

But he insists he will settle it for Scotland’s game tonight.

Foda said: “There is no point in blaming or talking about quality.

“Ultimately, I’m the coach. I’ve called these players. I’m in charge of this team. We discuss everything internally.

“Now we can discuss everything, about the system, individual mistakes, chains of mistakes in defense.

“But in the end we should have scored two or three goals when we were 1-0 behind. Then the game will go in a different direction.

“Of course, if you lose five goals, there’s something wrong with the defense. We’ll talk about that privately.

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