September 18, 2021

Australia is a country where you can go surfing on a lake or river. All you need is an umbrella sail.

This message (content) is created and (or) distributed by a foreign mess media that acts as a foreign agent, and (or) a Russian legal officer and a functional officer.

Save Medusa!

Any respectable Australian should have a surfboard – if so the Australian will not be lost. In the state of New South Wales, for example, not far from the small town of Brunswick Heads, a man hurriedly surfed the street to save time. What’s so unusual about it, you ask? Well, we say a man was rafting under the river. However, this did not bother him at all – apart from the board, the Australian took a multi-colored umbrella with him, he used it as a cell. Eyewitnesses filmed the Australian on video: how he slowly shines on the surface of the water, leaving people behind in the cake. Only.

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