October 17, 2021

Attacks on a village, a military base in northwestern Nigeria have killed several people


Gunmen attacked a village in the northwestern Nigerian state of Kaduna, killing 34 people and wounding seven, local officials said Monday.

Criminal gangs are locally known as dacoits who have terrorized the northwest and central regions. Nigeria Over the years, however, they have become more arrogant in recent months, and the military has renewed operations in the region.

State Security Commissioner Samuel Irvan said in a statement, “Unidentified gunmen attacked Madamai village in Kora … 34 residents have been confirmed dead.

He added that soldiers opened fire before forcing the attackers to retreat after a fierce exchange.

Two suspects are being questioned in connection with the attack, Irwan said.

Gunmen attacked a church Sunday in Kachiya District, Kaduna State.

“One died and some worshipers were seriously injured,” Irwan said in a separate statement.

The army base was attacked.

A Sokoto State Assembly member told Reuters on Monday that robbers had killed 22 Nigerian security personnel in an attack on a remote military base in the northwestern state.

Amino Guber said 17 bodies were recovered on Sunday and an additional five were found on Monday. The dead included 14 soldiers, five police officers and three members of the Civil Defense Force, he said.

The dacoits who raid the village, steal cattle, kidnap for ransom and burn down houses have no known ideology.

The military launched a crackdown on bandits earlier this month, and the northern states have banned movement and trade, as well as telecom blackouts.

(France24, AFP, with Reuters)


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