September 21, 2021

At first glance, the marriage took place in Britain.

Who is the first couple to get married? Series THREE

Ben and Stephanie.

Ben Jardine and Stephanie St. Remy had the most infamous wedding in show history.

Things got off to a great start, they both had quick chemistry and shared a passionate honeymoon but things broke down when they got home.

Ben announced on Fuber Radio that they had parted ways, claiming that “I can’t give him what he wanted”, to the astonishment of Stephanie who found out he was gone through the media. .

Although Ben said he “killed” her to end the marriage, he confessed to cheating.

“I literally fell to my knees,” said Stephanie, taking her husband seriously while discussing it in the media, discussing the problem in an Instagram video.

During the show, Ben revealed that he saw a mysterious woman behind Stephanie’s back, and they were expecting a baby together.

Ben then went to the celebrity’s older brother’s house, and now approached Roxanne Pallet before the infamous Punch Gate.

Harriet and Richard.

Science said they were the strongest match, but Harriet and Richard were not.

Richard tried to seduce Harriet, but she could not feel the spark.

After living together for a week, the two slept in separate bedrooms.

At the end of the season, the couple filed for divorce.

Jonathan and Stephanie.

Things didn’t work out for this couple.

Property Manager Jonathan, 35, said confidently, “What can it do if it can’t work with us so preparedly?”

Sun specifically revealed that his hopes turned out to be false, as he and nurse Stephanie separated a few days after the wedding.

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