September 23, 2021

At first glance, married viewers were shocked at Frankie’s painful wedding speech because they saw ‘red flags’.

At first glance, viewers could barely see Frank’s wedding speech.

Clotched gigs of a veteran were found in a painful silence by the reception guests.

Frankie struggled with his wedding speech.


Frankie struggled with his wedding speech.Credit: E4
Marielis shuddered at some of the jokes.


Marielis shuddered at some of the jokes.Credit: E4

He started joking that this was the last time he could say for 10 minutes without interruption that he is now a married man.

The bride was taken aback by Marles, and it only got worse when she thanked him in advance for making breakfast on their honeymoon every day.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Frankie’s speech stopped time. It was very strange.”

Another posted: “I couldn’t watch Frank’s speech omg #MAFSUK.”

A third said: “Is Frankie’s speech real or has it been edited to make it look terrible?”

However, it saved some pride when some jokes were later marked.

There were laughter when he said that he felt like Elvis Presley, because Marles had always been in his mind.

The self-styled traditionalist, who lives in Dubai, revealed in the episode that her previous marriage ended because she did not like how her ex was treating her.

But Frankie’s old-school attitudes about marital dynamics have led many viewers to claim that their attitudes have raised “red flags.”

Some accused him of wanting a servant, not a wife, when he talked about a potential bride who would take care of the house while he made the big decisions of his life.

One wrote: “Frankie obviously wants a little wife in an apron at home …. I know he was away for a while but was he in Dubai in 1952 instead?

Another said: “I’m pretty sure Frankie wants a maid, not a wife #MAFSUK.”

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