September 20, 2021

At first glance married Luke left a red face when Morgue made an X-rated comment confirming that they had sex

At first glance, married Luke was left embarrassed last night when his wife, Morg, made an excerpted comment to confirm that they were having sex.

Surrounded by other couples, Luke glowed as he reflected the night of their passion.

Mafs Luke was shocked by his wife Morag's mischievous sexual remarks.


Mafs Luke was shocked by his wife Morag’s mischievous sexual remarks.
Morag was on the moon to finally put his man to sleep.


Morag was on the moon to finally put his man to sleep.Credit: E4

He said: “Last night was the best night to meet us. ”

Holding him off guard, Morg said: “And I fell straight down from your fireman’s pole.”

In the blasphemous comment, Bob and his wife, Megan, were in hysterics, as were the experts watching the process from afar.

“I can’t believe you said that,” said Bishop Luke.

He added: “I was shocked when Morag spoke to the whole fireman.

But Morgue was irrational, laughing from the camera: “I know he likes her secretly and wants me to scream from the rooftops ‘We’re having sex!’ ‘

Luke dressed as a fireman and performed striptease.

I slipped under your fireman’s pole.


A bizarre role-playing incident occurred when Morg was accused of constantly pushing Luke out and criticizing his appearance.

Morag was sitting in a chair holding a glass of wine when Luke came out in a fireman’s suit and surprised him.

He said: “You look amazing!”

He leaned over and slapped her back, telling her to laugh. She then set the mood for another level of sexy classic freak.

He shouted “Take it off” as Luke tore off his uniform and went to work. Embracing his inner magic mic, he shook his neck.

Speaking to the camera, Morag said he was very happy.

He added: “I love Luke tonight, and I can’t wait for you to have a good night. [laughs]. “

And clearly he finally got what he wanted!

Viewers were not happy to see it, some called it cringe while some posted vomiting emojis.

Luke did a strip show for Morag.


Luke put on a strip show for Morag.Credit: E4
He bowed to Morag's neck - and she liked him.


He bowed to Morag’s neck – and she liked him.Credit: E4
Luke of MAFS did a striptease for Morag amid claims that she ‘bullied’ him in appearance.

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