Aspiring model, 17, was left with “chemical burns” on her face and puffy eyes for WEEKS after using Garnier makeup remover.

TUNING model had “chemical burns” and “terrible” rashes on her face for three weeks after using Garnier micellar water.

17-year-old student Amelia Green had swollen eyes and painful red burns after using makeup remover.


According to her, the teenager was left with “chemical burns” after using Garnier micellar water.Credit: Mel/Amelia Green
Aspiring Model Amelia Believes That Micellar Water Causes Her Red Burns.


Aspiring model Amelia believes that micellar water causes her red burns.Credit: Mel/Amelia Green

A teenager from Sidcup, Kent, started using micellar oil water three weeks ago and soon realized she developed rashes and burns.

Her puffy eyes began to close, and the 17-year-old had to endure multiple trips to the emergency room for unexplained skin problems.

Despite being treated for tropical skin infections and given various types of antibiotics, Amelia’s skin did not clear up and no one seemed to know what was causing the problems.

She then started skipping school after kids made nasty comments about her “chemical” rash because she couldn’t put makeup on the sore spots.

After a few days without using micellar water, the burning sensation subsided and the aspiring model thought her skin was recovering.

But earlier this week, when she went back to wash her makeup off with water, she says her skin reacted “instantly.”

Now Amelia and her mom Mel are adamant that it was the makeup remover that caused her chemical burns and rash.

Amelia, who is currently an A-Levels student, told The Sun Online: “I have chemical burns all over my face.

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“I couldn’t go to school and people made nasty comments about my face and appearance.

“After several weeks of taking antibiotics, my teachers and classmates told me that my face looked much better.

“But that evening I took off my makeup with water, and right after that my face felt like it was on fire. It immediately became red, painful and dry, as it was originally.

“I was in the same place as before, my eye was swollen. My face reacted more and more.

“I want to make a correct diagnosis.

“It seems like it will stay on my face forever. Nobody will help.”

And now the 17-year-old’s potential modeling career is in jeopardy due to her skin problems.

She was called for an interview by a modeling agency that was looking to jump-start her career, but is now afraid to show up as her face is flushed again.

Her Skin


Her skin “immediately became red and sore” after using the water.
The Diligent Teenager Hopes To Go To University, But He Also Had An Interview With A Modeling Agency.


The diligent teenager hopes to go to university, but he also had an interview with a modeling agency.Credit: Mel/Amelia Green
Amelia'S Eyes Were Completely Swollen, Probably From The Makeup Remover.


Amelia’s eyes were completely swollen, probably from the makeup remover.Credit: Mel/Amelia Green

Despite having a strange blemish on her face as a teenager, Amelia’s skin is clear and she says she never had a problem before using a Garnier product.

The student added: “I have to go on Sunday.

“But I’m worried that I’ll show up with this on my face and they’ll be like, ‘Why did we decide to take her on?’

Concerned mum Mel said at some point doctors started treating her daughter for tropical skin infections because they were worried but didn’t understand what was causing the problems.

But when Amelia tried the micellar water again, her mom said the reaction was “incredible.”

Mel said, “She has chemical burns all over her face. This has been going on for three weeks now.

“She thought it was an allergic reaction and was being treated for tropical skin infections.

“As soon as she used Garnier micellar water, she just blew her away. That was incredible.

BEAUTY burns

“Her eye was so bad that at some point it closed.

“It’s terrible, it was terrible.

“We had to go to the emergency room twice and tried to go to the eye clinic before we figured out what the reason was.”

Mel and Amelia also claim that when they tried to report the problem to Garnier on Tuesday, they were hung up.

The cosmetics company contacted The Sun Online and said it was looking into the issue.

Concerned mum Amelia Mel added: “I don’t want other girls to go through this.

“It affected her school work, she wants to go to university to study criminology and she missed so much work.”

A Garnier spokesperson said: “Garnier Micellar Water undergoes rigorous and rigorous testing to ensure it meets all safety and quality standards.

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“Amelia contacted us yesterday morning and her case has been referred to our medical team.

“We have since kept in touch to offer all possible support, including a consultation with a dermatologist to help her understand if she has any particular sensitivity to certain ingredients that could develop at any point in a person’s life.”

She Now Warns Others Against Using The Product After She Believed It Gave Her A


She now warns others against using the product after she believed it gave her a “chemical” rash.

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