September 28, 2021

As Pretty Little Thing Order, the woman angrily brings only one sandal and she is not happy with the rest.

Ordering clothes online is a risky business these days, it may not be able to fit on the website or you may be sent something else.

Unfortunately for a young woman, she faced a similar fate when shopping online for a beautiful dress.

This dress is too big for Rachel.


This dress is too big for Rachel.Credit: ch rachboylex / Tiktok

Rachel posted a video on her TukTuk account, rachboylex, And has been viewed more than 250,000 times.

In the caption, Rachel writes: “I no longer have online stores left. It’s nothing but frustration.”

In the video she says: “Just be honest here, does anyone really like Pretty Little Thing?

“This …”

Rachel is completely annoyed when she puts her phone in position to show that she has come to order from her famous clothing brand, Pretty Little Thing.

“I got it at 18.” She says.

She then shows off the shirt she bought, which is too big for Rachel.

“what’s the matter?

“The other shirt I bought at exactly the same size doesn’t work.”

As if the dress wasn’t bad enough, then Rachel claimed that she only got one shoe in her order.

“They sent me an F ***** G sandal.”

She went to the bag with her order, which is blocked by the camera, and pulls out one of the sandals she received.

Clearly angry, Rachel says: “What do I do with it?

“Just a shoe.”

She casually hangs him on the floor and then draws his attention to the bag he ordered.

“This bag doesn’t look like that in the picture.”

Rachel struggles to get a chain to sit on her shoulder, she adds. “What do I want to do with it?” As she tries to figure out a way to catch him.

Rachel ends the video by saying: “One shoe really ruined my day honestly.”

In the comment section of her video, many women complained of similar problems when ordering online.

One user wrote: “I always wonder how people get good things out of them, every time I get frustrated.”

“OMG a shoe.” One user wrote, “Sorry for laughing at your misfortune

A third man replied: “One shoe actually lost it to me.”

PrettyLittleThing has been contacted for comment.

Rachel claims she was sent a shoe.


Rachel claims she was sent a shoe.Credit: ch rachboylex / Tiktok
It claims that nothing like this was seen on the bag website.


It claims that nothing like this was seen on the bag website.Credit: ch rachboylex / Tiktok

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