September 22, 2021

Arsenal’s transfer was not ruled out as the manager talks about the midfielder’s bid.

Arsenal are interested in signing Leicester City midfielder James Madison, but Brendon Rogers has confirmed that the 2021 FA Cup winners have not received a formal bid from the Gunners.

The former Liverpool manager suggested that the midfielder was happy to be at King Power Stadium this season, but refused to rule out the move, saying “all clubs lose players”. This shows that the city may be ready to sell if the right offer comes from Arsenal, especially since they have to sink into the transfer market to sign the center-back after Wesley Foufana’s injury.

Almost every summer since claiming the 2015-16 Premier League Champions title, they have consistently lost a key player. He lost to N’Golo Kante, Riaz Mehriz, Harry McGuire and Ben Chellwell in recent campaigns at the hands of six to seven rivals, and if Mikel Arteta’s team meets their value of around 70 70 million, Madison’s latest departure. Can be

Rogers is unaware of the possibility of losing another key player. The former Celtic boss talked about City’s ability to find and develop more players, while also being cautious in the transfer market in terms of rebuilding after losing a key player.

“We are a club that develops players and prepares staff. Whenever they develop players and people, they are always held in high esteem,” Rogers said. As quoted on Leicestershire Live.

It is reported that Arsenal had requested a cash offer in addition to a player for Madison in order to reduce the cost of asking. But the 48-year-old manager confirmed that the club had not yet received an attacking midfielder’s offer.

“Nothing got in my way. As far as I’m concerned, we had nothing for James,” he added. “He’s a very talented player but even in the bigger picture, you see, all clubs lose players but for us it’s not something we care about.”

Arsenal boss Artita is eager to add another attacking midfielder. To support Emile Smith Roy. Madison is at the top of the Gunners’ wanted list, but Real Madrid star and former Arsenal borrower Martin Odigard is also an option if he fails to sign for England International.

James Madison.
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