September 20, 2021

Arsenal refuse to sign Haseem Awar’s transfer and ‘will hit Leon midfielder next summer’

Reports say that Arsenal have not ruled out the possibility of signing Lyon’s housewarming and are planning a move next summer.

The 23-year-old will not leave Lyon this winter, and will stay until next summer.

Awar has had two assists in five league games for Lyon during this period.


Awar has had two assists in five league games for Lyon during this period.Credit: Getty Images

According to Todofichajes.comAwar has decided to help and fight Lyon to return to the Champions League during this period.

And although attempts to move to the Premier League have failed this summer, Arsenal have not given up hope of signing the young midfielder.

One move could come next summer with Arsenal’s offensive plot.

However, Gunners are one of the many clubs chasing overs.

Over has hosted several European clubs, the report said.

And if Arsenal fail to secure European football, it could be difficult to persuade Avar to join next summer.

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If Arsenal are to move to Aavar next summer, they will need to change their fortunes in the league.

As it stands after four leagues, the Gunners are 16th after a poor start.

Arsenal have beaten their first three league games defending newcomer Brent Ford, rivals London and defending European champions Chelsea and Premier League champions Manchester City.

The Gunners won their first win of the season last weekend, beating advanced side Norwich 1-0 in the UAE.

Boss Michael Artita relieved his team of points on the board, describing the difficult start as the “best 10 to 15 days” he has ever played in football.

He said: “I must say, I’ve probably done this for 10 to 15 days since I’ve been in football. I’m not saying they were the easiest, but maybe the best.

“You have to find a reason why you do what you do and why you decided to become a football player or a coach. It all made sense last week or so.


“It’s about the relationship we’ve built. It’s about the level of trust that everyone in the club has.

“It’s about the connections and how the players react emotionally. Everyone on the team – and I’m talking about every aspect of the club – tries to improve the situation and be positive and Tries

“You have to win football matches, but, for me, it’s a pleasure to see how everyone is dealing with the context around us.”

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