Arsenal hero Oleg Luzhny says it was an “easy decision” to join Ukraine’s front line against the invading Russian army.

OLEG LUZHNY admitted that returning to his native Ukraine to help on the front lines was “an easy decision.”

The former Arsenal ace decided to travel to Kyiv after the Russian invasion to help fight Vladimir Putin’s men.


Former Arsenal striker Oleg Luzhny told Sky Sports.Credit: Sky Sports News

Luzhny, 53, has been separated from his children as he fights for the future of his country, but he insists it wasn’t a difficult decision to come back and help.

He told Sky Sports: “Now the situation in Ukraine is very, very difficult because of our neighbor from Russia.

“Everyone is surprised by this situation. And the situation is very dangerous.

“The Russians destroyed many houses, roads, business centers. Sometimes rockets arrive two or three times during the day, and at night too. This is very very dangerous.

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“The decision to come back here was an easy one. I love this country. I want to fight with my friends to protect my country from the Russian army.

“Everyone has to fight. You must fight for your country. It was an easy decision.

“We have groups of five or six people and a few policemen. And we have a special place where we walk for 12 hours every two or three days.

“It is difficult, of course. It’s hard, but I’m fine. Our country has suffered great damage. Here in Kyiv it’s normal, not too much. But at the dacha, in Mariupol, it is much harder.

“My wife stays here with me and my kids stay away. They have their own jobs. All my friends stay to fight. Nobody leaves.

“I don’t know when I will see my family again. When this war is over, after we win, we will have one big party. I don’t know if we’ll have peace soon. The situation is out of control. We don’t know what’s in Putin’s mind.

“We are not panicking. We are strong inside. We have a good mood inside. Our soldiers are great. They are not afraid of the Russians.

“The Russians are now afraid of us. Because now they are coming home. We have good positive emotions.”


Luzhny’s old club Arsenal showed their support for the Ukrainian during their recent 2-0 win over Leicester by making him fall asleep in the dressing room and putting his name on their squad’s list on the matchday programme.

Of his old club’s gesture, he added: “I heard about it and started getting ready for the game. It was a pleasant surprise for me.”

“I want to say thank you to Arsenal, the club and the players, from me and my country, thank you for your support.

“They help us by supporting us. I would like to thank all the British people and the UK government for all the help for us.”

Oleg Luzhny'S T-Shirt Was Recently Hung In The Arsenal Dressing Room


Oleg Luzhny’s T-shirt was recently hung in the Arsenal dressing room1 credit
Luzhny'S Name Was Also On The Game Day Program.


Luzhny’s name was also on the game day program.1 credit

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