October 18, 2021

Army tankers will deliver fuel from Monday.

UK fuel crisis: Army tankers will deliver fuel from Monday.
UK fuel crisis: Army tankers will deliver fuel from Monday.

The government will finally mobilize the army to refuel supply stations from Monday, as severe shortages continue to cause chaos across the country. Surgery UK Reports

After nearly two weeks of unrest, about 2,200 soldiers are being trained at holler sites to help ease tensions.

Filling stations across the UK began running out of fuel last week after a shortage of skilled HGV drivers to supply fuel.

The situation led to panic-stricken shoppers as motorcyclists lined up on forkcourts across the UK, with physical clashes in some places.

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The British government has said the crisis is slowly resolving on its own, although it is widely believed that the claim was made simply to calm the nerves.

The shortage of drivers has also affected other important aspects of trade, such as the supply chain, from food to fuel.

The government, which had earlier announced a temporary visa scheme for foreign HGV drivers ending on December 24, has now extended the offer to February 2022.

European drivers rejected Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s offer, insisting they would not leave stable, well-paid jobs abroad to “pee in a bottle on the M25”.

On Friday, the government said 300 fuel drivers would arrive in the UK immediately from abroad with a bespoke scheme that would expire by next March.

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In addition, about 4,700 visas for foreign food hollow drivers, which were originally created to run until December, will be extended for another two months.

Some top government officials have said there has been a lot of stability in recent days, with fuel supplies far exceeding demand in some areas, but acknowledged that parts of the UK are still facing severe shortages.

According to Secretary of Defense Ben, Wallace: “Over the weekend, more than 200 military personnel will be mobilized as part of Operation Escalane.”

While the situation is stabilizing, our armed forces are there to fill any important vacancies and help the country move forward.

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