September 28, 2021

Are you eligible for epidemic payments? 96,000 in Glasgow.

About 100,000 low-income people in Glasgow will be receiving ‘epidemic payments’.

Eligible individuals will receive £ 130 in recognition of the stress caused by the epidemic.

About 96,000 people have been identified as eligible for cash so far, but more can apply for the payment.

People who receive. Council Tax deductions, but not an individual home rebate, will be paid automatically.

That means about ڈالر 12 million will be paid to low-income people in Glasgow.

The cash is part of the Scottish Government’s austerity measures and the City Council has agreed 2 2m to target community-focused rehabilitation from poverty and epidemics.

Cash is expected to mitigate the effects of the ڈالر 20 weekly withdrawal, which will increase universal credit and inflation, which is expected to remain at 4% by the end of this year.

If people have already received a council tax reduction, they don’t have to do anything and will receive £ 130 by October 31.

City Treasurer Richard Bell said: “Support from all levels of government has provided a lifeline to thousands of the most vulnerable people in our city since the onset of an epidemic. However, the UK Government has provided Removing the surplus means we are now seeing support waning while our communities still need pressure and long before our coveted restoration.

Glasgow Times:

“That’s why we’re deploying the only fund that Glasgow has created specifically to meet an emerging need; using our experience from the epidemic emergency phase and with partners we know. The best use of money from work can have a real impact on the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens.

The fund was once part of a budget proposed by the SNP and Greens.

Green Councilor John Molinux said: “We know that Code-19 has widened the existing inequality, and with the end of the furlough and the 20-week cut in universal credit, it is imperative that we all Help the more needy.

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