Are you a minty mystery or a sweet thrill seeker? Find out what your favorite cup of tea says about you

HOW do you drink a cup of tea?

The Sun reported yesterday that the classic mug of building tea is the perfect complement to the fish and chips flavor.


Your favorite drink can also give away the kind of person you are.

But your favorite drink can also give away the kind of person you are.

Dr. Carrie Ruxton of the Tea Advisory Group says, “The way you like tea says a lot about your character.”

Here, the doctor takes a look at some of our favorite teas and comes up with his verdict. . .

BUILDERS – strong, silent type: you are stable, reliable and strong with hidden depths. You love boldly, confidently and with a touch of maturity.

milk splash – fence watcher: You often can’t make a decision because you see everyone’s point of view.

WITHOUT MILK Straightforwardness: You value truthfulness and all you ask for is honesty in return.

LACTIC – be careful: people who like a lot of milk tend to be a closed book, but can open up. If someone can win your trust, you will be a true friend.

SUPER WEAK – lethargic: a quick sip of a tea bag may indicate that you are too relaxed. You say you want to fall deeply in love, but something always holds you back. Maybe you really don’t feel too strongly for anyone?

WELL STEWED – passionately: You are a lover worth waiting for. Your passionate nature can satisfy the most demanding partners.

GINGER TEA – short-tempered: Passionate, but a little short-tempered. Sometimes you are too demanding of people, but you compensate for this with your devotion.

EARL GRAY – surprisingly loyal: you come across as a little pompous, with a critical eye on everything. But if you dig deeper, it becomes clear that you are fearless and loyal.

PEPPERMINT – mysterious: you don’t always reveal your secrets to your friends. However, for those you truly love, you have a sweet and generous center.

CHAMOMILE – Chilled: You are great at calming everyone down in a crisis and the perfect partner for stress bunnies.

GREEN TEA – amazing: if you like this drink, you are refreshingly different and tend to go against the flow. You can also surprise and amaze people if you put in the effort.

ONE SUGAR Seriously: You love to have fun, but you want to get to the bottom of the details before you let yourself go. You love the sweetness in life, but you really appreciate frankness and honesty when it comes to those around you.

– Extreme: Three or more scoops means you just like to have fun all day, every day. Life should be full of happy moments. Lots of sweet, sweet moments are the key to a fulfilling day.

Dr. Ruxton of the Tea Advisory Group.

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