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GET READY for more drama as the Champions League and Europa League continue through to the playoffs.

Chelsea claimed last year’s Champions League trophy after defeating Man City in the Premier League final, and the Blues begin their title defense against Zenit on 14 September.


Chelsea won the Champions League after a tense showdown with Man City.1 credit
    Erik-Maxim Choupo Moting Scored For Bayern Munich Against Psg Last Season To Make It 3-3, But Bayern Could Be The Last Team Ever To Lose Away.


Erik-Maxim Choupo Moting scored for Bayern Munich against PSG last season to make it 3-3, but Bayern could be the last team ever to lose away.1 credit

But this season has seen a BIG change in how teams can play the playoffs in games.

Do away goals count in Champions League and Europa League matches?

Away goals have been a feature of European knockout games since 1965.

But this campaign will be different.

After years of speculation, UEFA has finally decided to drop the away goals rule this season in both the Champions League play-offs and the Europa League two-legged.

Thus, a tie overall score will now be the determining factor when a tie goes into extra time.

If after an extra 30 minutes the score is still equal, we go to penalties.

The law had previously given a significant advantage to sides that hit the net on the road, but drew criticism from many fans.

UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin explained the decision: “The away goals rule has been an integral part of UEFA competition since its introduction in 1965. However, the issue of its abolition has been discussed at various UEFA meetings over the past few years.

“Although there was no unanimity in views, many coaches, fans and other stakeholders in football questioned its fairness and spoke in favor of abolishing the rule.

“The impact of the rule now goes against its original intent as it essentially now discourages home teams – especially in the first legs – from attacking because they are afraid of conceding a goal that will give their opponents a decisive advantage.

“There are also criticisms of unfairness, especially in extra time when the home team scores twice when the visiting team scores.

“It is fair to say that home advantage is not as important now as it used to be.

“Given the persistence of playing styles in Europe and the many different factors that have led to the decline of home advantage, the UEFA Executive Committee made the right decision in deciding that it was no longer appropriate for an away goal to carry more weight than a goal scored at home. “.

This means that Bayern Munich could be the last side to be knocked out of the Champions League on away goals when they drew 3-3 against Paris Saint-Germain last season.

PSG won the first leg 3-2 and Bayern beat them 1-0 in the second but were relegated due to a now defunct rule.

Are there extra time and penalties in the Champions League and Europa League if the score is tied?

Yes. If after two 90-minute games the total score is equal, the match goes to extra time in the second leg.

If the score is equal at the end of extra time, the winner will be determined by a penalty kick.

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