September 17, 2021

Antonio Griezmann’s Shambholic transfer back to Atletico who humiliated Barca and was left with 60 seconds

Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho and Samuel Eto’o. Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar. Lok De Jong, Martin Braithwaite and Memphis Depp …

Admit it, one of Barcelona’s front lines sticks out like a sore thumb.

Antonio Griezmann's return to Atletico Madrid increasingly looks like one of the worst pieces of business in football history


Antonio Griezmann’s return to Atletico Madrid increasingly looks like one of the worst pieces of business in football historyCredit: Getty
Messi's move to PSG is the most difficult for Barcelona, ​​but Griezmann's move was more than difficult.


Messi’s move to PSG is the most difficult for Barcelona, ​​but Griezmann’s move was more than difficult.Credit: Getty

Two of the two best forwards in the history of football and a combination of the Premier League rejected.

But as Barcelona’s summer draws to a close, this is a troubling reality for Nine Camp fans.

After falling ill, the club’s troubles escalated on the last day. £ 73 million. Loss of Antonin Griezmann in two years

The deal that saw the French forward return to Los Angeles Blancos will end as one. Bad In the history of football

But let’s get back to it … Barcelona’s summer began with a glimmer of hope.

Sergio Aguero and his old friend Macy agreed to join the free transfer.

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Memphis Depp joined in to provide backups to Macy’s, Griezmann and Agiro … Things were looking good.

Barcelona have rejected a cash-strapped offer from Atletico Madrid for Griezmann in addition to a player, including new Chelsea star Saul Nguyen.

Once again, Barcelona were happy to have big names in the club after a tumultuous year for the board.

However, things began to unravel faster.

Messi – who was advised to move freely to join Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain – surprised the football world by agreeing to stay.

Barcelona then revealed that they could not afford to keep it – and were unable to register new signing Depa or Aguero because of their wage cup.

Quickly, the players were asked to cut their salaries – with gestures of selfless deadline days from Jordi Alba and Sergio Biscuits, Aguero was officially allowed to join Depa in the Barca squad.

But in the absolute crisis, with Barcelona, ​​it was a priority to take the lead on the wage bill.

And when Atletico Madrid knocked, and offered to pay Griezmann ڈالر 345,000 a week, it is almost understandable that the transfer was approved.

Diego Simeone has offered to borrow Griezmann for the season, with a promise to buy 34 million euros next summer.

Spending 10 107m to reward France’s Ace, away from the metropolitan area in 2019, means Barca were ready to hit 73 73m in just a few years.

And when you consider that Barcelona could have made even more money. And In July, they accepted the offer and saw Saul come, just to show how disappointed one of the biggest clubs in the world has become.

On top of that, did the heads of the nine camps accept Italy’s opening slaw, Probably They have managed to collect a big enough pack to keep Macy in the club and out of PSG’s clutches.

Bar King Med.

Even then, the agreement almost broke.

News of a possible Deadline Day move, Tuesday evening, broke the news about Griezmann’s possible switch – with hours left until the window closes.

But still, the paperwork was only recorded at 11.59pm – only. one minute Before the deadline

On the one hand, Barcelona will be relieved of what was agreed – they will save 34 345,000 a week.

But on the other hand, they will be left wondering how they got from the possible front lines of Messi, Griezmann, DePay and Agiro to DePa, De Jong, Braithwaite and Aguero – if the former city man stays fit. Can .

The MSN trio had been tearing apart the defense for a few years.

He now stands in line with middle-order Bruce Flop, Manchester United’s dismissal and Newcastle’s former borrower following the move to bring De Jong from Sevilla to nine camps.

It’s hard for any real football fan to see – but for now, it seems that Barcelona’s No. 1 priority is not to challenge for more than one award, but to keep going.

A report. £ 1 billion. On loan, it could take longer than Macy’s and Griezmann’s expulsion.

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Barcelona sell Antonio Griezmann to Atletico Madrid for 34 34 million transfer; loss of 74 74 million in two years

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