September 22, 2021

Anita Rani is surprised that if she did not have a brown face, she would have made a ‘hard final’.

Anita Rani was one of the top contenders for the 2015 “Strategically Come Dancing” season, where she partnered with Gleb Sevchenko and Neil Jones, but did not make it to the finals. The TV presenter recently said that she would feel her position in the show as well as many other parts of her career if she were not a person of color.

In a recent conversation with Radio Times“I still think to myself that if I didn’t have a brown face, I would have made it to the finals,” Anita said of the reality TV dance competition series.

“There are different points in my career where I wonder what would have happened if I had blonde and blue eyes, and sometimes I don’t think things would have been that way if I had been white,” he added. I strongly urge people to leave my book (incoming memoirs “” correctly about the girl “) carefully, because I’m not sure,” the 43-year-old added.

The broadcaster also said that women, and especially women of color, are told not to “get angry” and that when they cross about injustice, it becomes “blinking” so they are the problem. He added that the issue seems to be a problem across the industry.

Recalling her experience when she first joined the BBC’s “Country File” as a co-host in 2015, the star revealed that she sometimes received racist and sexist comments from people. Take what they want to tell them about what they think of hosting the event. However, she said that people generally accept her role in the show as well as her hosting duties on BBC Radio 4’s “Women’s Hour”.

Despite her concerns, the journalist is willing to participate in the “toughness” again, except that she wants to win this time. She said that she still gets excited when she sees an Asian person on television and she is sure that her success in this show will also benefit others.

Anita’s recent comments immediately. Later, when he revealed that a colleague, who is named “one of the so-called educated, well-traveled, liberal TV genres,” has been called a racist PWD in the workplace. “After that, I thought, ‘Who am I? What has happened in my life where I just let it happen?'” He said. Mail on Sunday’s U Magazine.

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(LR) Anita Rani, Ivan Thomas and Christy Gilcher
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