October 20, 2021

An Italian court has sentenced a former mayor to 13 years in prison for helping immigrants


A mayor who was once used as a model for immigrant integration in Italy was sentenced on Thursday to 13 years in prison for a number of crimes, including inciting illegal immigration.

Dominico Lucano, mayor of Reas in the south. Italy By 2018, make headlines around the world. Refugee To promote jobs and development in the sparsely populated Calabrian village.

The prosecution sought a sentence of seven years and 11 months for the 63-year-old, known as Memo, for conspiracy, abuse of office, fraud, extortion and embezzlement.

His lawyers say the court found him guilty in almost every case, and sentenced him to almost double the jail term – 13 years and two months – leading to mistrust and resentment between supporters and the political left. ۔

Lawyers Giuliano Pesapia and Andrea Ducawa said: “This is a very serious sentence, which is completely against the evidence.

“More than 13 years in prison for a man like Memo Lucano, who has been living in poverty and has not benefited financially or non-financially from his actions as mayor of Riyadh,” he said. ) “Italian media.

Lucano, who will appeal, “has always been committed to welcoming and integrating his community and children, women and men fleeing war, violence and hunger.”

The mayor’s arrest in 2018 stunned some in Italy and reverberated throughout Europe, where the “state model”, paid for with Italian and European funds since the 2000s, was one of the first to revitalize the inhabited villages and homes. Appreciated as a simple but effective method. Searcher

The program saw abandoned homes restored and craft workshops reopened in Reyes, attracting tourists, and was hailed by many as a model of integration.

Lucano was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2016 and inspired a documentary by Wem Vendors.

According to media reports, the court ordered Lucano to pay 500,000 euros (80 580,000) to the European Union.

“I have been declared illegal because the state has treated me cowardly,” Lucano told the court, according to the Republica newspaper.

“I have spent my life pursuing anti-mafia ideologies. I became mayor, I was at least lucky, with the refugees,” he said. He added that he believed that “mafia crimes are unlikely to receive such punishments.”



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