October 27, 2021

An activity center for underprivileged youth will be set up along the Clyde Bank Canal.

A new activity center along the Clyde Bank Canal is to be set up to help disadvantaged youth in the area.

West Dunbartonshire. Council Has begun the procurement process to identify a contractor to construct the “modular” building for which the local authority is contributing £ 200,000.

The Scottish Government is also investing an additional 74 747,000 in the project.

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The center, which will be located along the waterfront, will be run by local group Y Sort.

The project aims to set up an activity center at Clyde Bank, with outdoor activities, training and support for the region’s most disadvantaged youth.

The activity center will also have motorcycle workshops and rentals, storage, laundry facilities, changing rooms and use for local community groups.

An update was recently brought before the Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development Committee.

Labor councilor Lawrence O’Neill said: “Can I just specify what kind of community center it will be, that it is currently planned to be located near Cafe Roma but can be moved.

“I would like to know what kind of buildings are there that cannot be moved?”

He was told that the center would be a ‘modular demolitive building’ and would be designed in consultation with the contractor – which is currently being decided.

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A council official explained: “If things change in Clyde Bank Town Center in the future, the center could be relocated. It’s like a port cabin, but calling it a port cabin would give you the wrong impression.

“We are in the process of purchasing. There are several suppliers of container buildings that we work with to influence our design, exterior appearance and landscape around the building.

“We don’t know yet who will be selected to carry it forward, but it will be a modular type of building rather than a container shipment.”

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