October 22, 2021

Amnesty says Syrian refugees were tortured, raped and disappeared after returning home.


Amnesty International said on Tuesday that several Syrian refugees returning to Syria had been detained, disappeared and tortured by Syrian security forces, proving that it was still not safe to return to any part of the country. Is.

In a report titled “You are going to your death.What the rights group said was documented by Syrian intelligence officers against 66 returnees, including 13 children between mid-2017 and 2021. Destroyed by civil war, While the fate of 17 enforced missing persons is unknown.

The report strongly opposes the claims of several states. the evening. Safe to go back now. It criticizes Denmark, Sweden and Turkey, especially for limiting security and forcing refugees from Syria to return home. It also criticizes Lebanon and Jordan, which have the highest number of Syrian refugees per capita.

In Lebanon and Turkey, where many refugees face dire living conditions and discrimination, governments have put increasing pressure on Syrians to return. Turkey has reportedly deported many Syrians in the past two years – reflecting anti-refugee sentiments in a country that once opened its borders to millions of Syrians fleeing the civil war. Is.

Denmark and Sweden began revoking the residence permits of some Syrian refugees earlier this year, arguing that the Syrian capital, Damascus, and neighboring areas were now safe.

Some experts agree with this assessment. Although the security situation has improved in government-controlled areas and many parts of central Syria that were previously occupied by opposition rebels, reports of forced appointments, arbitrary detentions and enforced disappearances continue. What’s more, entire neighborhoods have been destroyed, and many people have no homes to return to. Basic facilities like water and electricity do not exist.

Marie Forrester, a researcher on refugee and refugee rights at Amnesty International, said: “Any government that claims that Syria is safe now is deliberately ignoring this horrible reality, There is fear for lives. ” He said that although military hostilities had ended in most parts of Syria, the Syrian government was not “prone to serious human rights abuses.”

The Syrian government and its international backer Russia have publicly called on refugees to return home and accused Western countries of making Syria insecure.

In its report, Amnesty International called on European governments to immediately and indirectly stop any practice that forces people to return home. It also called on neighboring Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, which host the majority of Syrian refugees, to protect them from deportation or other forced repatriation in accordance with their international obligations.

It says Syrian authorities have in some cases accused those returning to Syria of simply fleeing, betraying them or supporting “terrorism”.

The Syrian government routinely denies allegations of human rights abuses.

The report includes reports from the Syrian government on the Syrian government between Lebanon, Rakhban (informal settlement between Jordan and Syria borders), France, Germany, Turkey, Jordan and the UAE between mid-2017 and spring. There are documents of serious violations going on. 2021. They were based on interviews with 41 Syrians, including returnees and their relatives and friends, as well as lawyers, humanitarian workers and Syrian experts.

In some cases, human rights violations include rape or other forms of sexual violence, arbitrary or unlawful detention, and torture or other ill-treatment, the report said.

Syria’s 10-year war has killed about half a million people and forced some 5.6 million to flee abroad as refugees, mostly in neighboring countries.



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