Amir Khan believes that he “underestimated” opponent Kell Brook and may have been “time zone behind” in the fight due to rumors of a rematch.

According to promoter Ben Shalom, AMIR KHAN felt he had “underestimated” Kell Brook and may have been “time zone behind” in their match for a grudge.

This comes after it was revealed that the 2004 Olympian has three weeks to decide whether he will exercise his right to an immediate rematch with Brook.


Amir Khan felt he ‘underestimated’ Kell Brook in their fightCredit: Reuters
Kell Brook Defeated Amir Khan In Six Rounds


Kell Brook defeated Amir Khan in six roundsCredit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

Shalom, whose Boxxer stable is partnered with Sky Sports, said rumors were circulating from Khan’s camp that his preparations were made to be regretted.

And with a rematch clause included in the original contract, a second fight between the 35-year-old ex-world champions remains a possibility.

Shalom told SunSport: “One of the mistakes is that Amir Khan has a rematch clause in his contract.

“Many people don’t expect him to activate it, including us, but at the same time, I heard a lot at camp about jet lag.

“Also, maybe he doesn’t take Kell as seriously as he should, a few memers have left their camp.

“They have at least two or three weeks to activate the rematch clause.”


Brook, 35, said Khan’s biggest mistake was giving him six months to prepare for the biggest fight of his career and get himself in shape.

Khan, meanwhile, did not fly to America until November to begin his training camp under new coach Brian “Bomack” McIntyre.

And then he returned home just over a week before doomsday at the Manchester Arena.

Shalom has refused to rule out a rematch but insists the decision rests solely with Khan, whose pride has been shattered by the crushing defeat.

The 28-year-old promoter said: “It’s in his hands, not mine, if he wants a rematch, he’ll get it.

“His pride is obviously very wounded, and he feels that he has not given himself a due account.

“Perhaps due to the jet lag, he only had a ten week camp and Kell trained for six months.

It’s in his hands, not mine, if he wants a rematch, he’ll get it.

Ben Shalom on clause about Amir Khan’s rematch with Kell Brook

“But I don’t know, he got a lot of punishments, but he never fell. I don’t know, it’s out of my hands, that’s the point.

“Amir will have to make a decision and I don’t know what he’s going to do.”

Khan hinted at resigning after his bitter defeat, which would end his famous and historic career.

But for now, before his fighting future is decided, Khan will take a well-deserved break in Dubai, where he has a holiday home with wife Faryal.

Shalom added: “I talked more with him and Faryal. It’s obvious he’s gutted.

“His pride is hurt, he’s upset, it’s not a good experience for him, this fight meant a lot to him.

“It’s a big thing, his legacy on the biggest platform, on the biggest stage in front of his home fans, he doesn’t feel like he performed the way he should.

“He feels like he underestimated Kell. But he’ll be fine. He went to Dubai, he is now on a break and he hopes to recover.”

Kell Brook Pictured With Promoter Ben Shalom And Aamir Khan


Kell Brook pictured with promoter Ben Shalom and Aamir KhanCredit: Reuters

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