October 25, 2021

Amid the success of Pfizer, Moderna, France’s Sonofi halted work on the mRNA covid vaccine.


The company said on Tuesday that Sufi was abandoning its MRNA-based Covid 19 vaccine plans because of the dominant role of the Biotech Pfizer Alliance as well as Modern in the fight against infectious diseases.

The move specifically highlights the challenges of competing with pioneering biotech, which emerges ambiguously through alliances with it. Pharma Big Pfizer last year. The couple has so far delivered about 1.5 billion doses, making them the largest in the Western world. COVID-19 Vaccinated Maker

French Healthcare Group سونوفی۔ Instead, focus on the effort. British Partner GlaxoSmithKline to bring another COVID-19 vaccine candidate to market based on a more traditional protein-based approach, where large-scale trials are underway.

The decision to abandon the clinical development of the shot based on mRNA, or messenger RNA, obtained as part of the acquisition of Translate Bio, came despite a positive phase I / II study. Interim results The announcement was made on Tuesday, where participants’ blood readings showed a strong immune response.

But Sanofi said the redout only encouraged the advancement of the technology as a possible vaccine against influenza and other diseases, with the strong market presence of two approved mRNA shots abandoning the Covid 19 area. done.

>> ‘Humiliation’: French Covid 19 vaccine is considered a sign of decline.

Jean-Franois Toussaint, Sanofi Pasteur’s global head of research and development, said the findings would help chart the way forward for our mRNA development programs.

Shares of Sanofi rose 1.1 percent to 83.01 euros as of 0850 GMT, down 0.9 percent from STOXX Europe 600 Healthcare.

“The decision to abolish RNA is seen as positive as it will save development costs and focus on other products and projects.”

The company said it began testing mRNA shots against seasonal influenza in humans in June and would launch follow-on clinical studies next year.

The development of RNA flu shots is already in full swing as drug makers hope they can adjust the vaccine to stress by rapidly changing the circulation.

Pfizer said it began testing the mRNA flu vaccine this week. Modern has several candidates for the influenza vaccine, including the Covid 19 booster.

Established influenza vaccine supplier Seikers, for example part of Australia’s CSL, is working on the next generation of low-dose RNA flu shots, called self-amplifying RNA.

Companies, including Novax, are working on novel flow shots using new technology beyond mRNA.

Sanofi reported flu vaccine sales of 2.5 billion euros (9 2.9 billion) in 2020, its largest vaccine business, with total sales of 5.9 billion euros.

The mRNA vaccine tricks the human body into making proteins called antigens that are found on the surface of the corona virus that causes code 19. It is important for the immune system to prevent future infections.

Under the more traditional protein-based vaccine approach that Sanofi will now focus on, it is bio-engineered in antigen labs and is accompanied by a utility booster provided by GSK.

Sanofi executive Thomas Triumph told reporters in a briefing that the European Union and the United Kingdom had ordered 75 million doses of the vaccine, banking on future regulatory approvals.

German biotech firm Keurwek also acknowledged the dominance of rivals earlier this month when it canceled some contracts with two potential partners to develop its experimental MRNA covid 19 vaccine.

Cureweek’s product is being reviewed by the European Union’s drug regulator, with disappointing results.



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