September 21, 2021

Amid the financial crisis, a war broke out between the presidents of Barcelona.

The current president of FC Barcelona, ​​Juan Laporta, has retaliated against his predecessor, Josep Maria Bartomeu, who tried to clean his hands of the massacre he left in the club’s coffers.

Former club president ousted last Friday. Issued an open letter. He blamed Lipporta for the club’s current financial crisis and distanced himself from any wrongdoing. Lipporta did not sit down and take things, and faced the press at a lengthy conference on Monday.

To be fair, it is well known that Barcelona was deeply in debt before taking over the reins of Liporta in March this year. Bartomeu’s statement came as he “started panicking because the results were negative”, citing an internal audit that was conducted to reveal the club’s true financial condition.

“He is disappointed because he sees that his club’s management has been disastrous,” added Laporta, who has been forced to leave club captain Lionel Messi because the club cannot afford to sign him again this summer. Could have

Lipporta said he suffered a “terrible legacy”, with the club’s current debt at around 3 1.3 billion. The tears are one of the reasons why La Liga could not approve Messi’s new contract, as the club’s wage bill would put him in more debt if it was not controlled under the pay scale.

In addition to the exorbitant paychecks approved by Bartomeu in the past, Lipporta also stated that despite being one of the most valuable clubs in the world, their home stadium, Camp Nou, was in poor condition. ۔

Camp Nou had to contend with “emergency repairs” before they could officially open the 2022/22 season against Real Sociedad last Sunday.

Lipporta added that the mere fact that Bartomeu had resigned did not mean that he would not be held accountable for the damage done to him by his administration. He warned that no one would be able to escape his responsibilities.

Lipporta and Bartomeu look set to enter another legal battle, something they did during their previous stint with the club.

Young Liporta.
Barcelona president Juan Laporta says club loans are “disgusting” AFP / PAO Barina

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