September 18, 2021

Amazon invited Glasgow Charity to join the donation scheme.

A Drum Chapel Transport Charity is benefiting from a new Amazon donation scheme.

The online shopping giant has invited G15 buses, which run a discounted transport scheme for those wishing to travel to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Gwen, to take part in its new Smile program.

The scheme gives buyers the opportunity to choose a charity that they would like to donate a portion of their cash to.

Amazon will then send 0.5% of the value spent in the online store to the selected group.

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G. Thompson, part of the G15 bus board, said it was a “best way” for people to back down.

He said: “Amazon sent us a letter asking if we wanted to join, and I heard that many other drum charities and organizations are participating, so I thought why not?”

“It’s a very easy way to help us because we rely entirely on donations and the limited funding we have.

“We were told by the Area Partnership that we have to find funding elsewhere, we have to find a way somehow.”

As previously reported, the charity went out of business because Drum Chapel was not left on public transport for the city’s flagship hospital.

A bus service from the South Side site to Clyde Bank, the closest operating route to the Northwest Scheme, was discontinued in 2017.

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However, Corona virus It has signaled the expansion of the charity, which now offers rides to religious sites and even day trips from Glasgow that need physical or mental development after a difficult year.

To participate in the project, area residents need to sign up for a free subscription to enjoy low-cost travel fares of 3. 3.50 inside Glasgow and 5 4.50 outside.

Visit to join the donations. Here.

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