All viewers of Trigger Point complain that the show ends on the main cliffhanger.

TRIGGER Viewers walked away from Episode 4 feeling very disappointed as it ended with another big cliffhanger.

In the fourth episode of the new ITV drama, Lana Washington (Vicki McClure) deals with the aftermath of her brother Billy’s tragic death and is re-hired for the explosives team.


Lana Washington of Vicki McClure is an explosives expert at Trigger Point.

Lana was forced to go on vacation after lashing out at John Hudson (Chris Hitchen), whom she accused of being involved in a series of bombings in London.

After some introspection and a break, Lana convinces DSU’s Marianne Hamilton (Nadine Marshall) to let her return to the bomb squad.

Hamilton tells Lana that they were unable to find any evidence of John’s involvement, and the explosives expert agrees that she could be wrong.

But she was soon proven right when it turned out that John had been behind the explosions all along.

As he and Lana head to defuse the bomb, everyone thinks the way is clear after a police sniper shoots and kills the man they think is responsible.

But when John leaves from where they found the bomb, leaving Lana alone in the building, he is seen taking out his phone to detonate the bomb.

Lana manages to run to safety as the entire team is gutted, with one of them standing behind her.

But even though he is captured, the team comes to find another device.

Lana goes to find out what the device is, but is horrified to discover that it has been connected to the gas pipeline of every building on the street, which could be disastrous if it explodes.

Almost predictably, the episode ended with a voice-over telling viewers to tune in next week to see what happens.

“Oh my god, imagine leaving it there?! Argh!” one fan complained on Twitter.

Another added: “No, why should we wait until next week.”

A third wrote, “BUT I CAN’T WAIT A WEEK.”

And a fourth commented, “The stress that #TriggerPoint is causing me is unbelievable.”

That The series focuses on the work of the Bomb Disposal Squad and Terrorist Police as they face an imminent terrorist threat in the City of London.

The squad risks their lives daily, facing threats in the capital.

One officer in particular, Lana, who was described as “reckless and out of control”, became obsessed with the idea that her unit was the next target for would-be bombers.

She is pushed to the limit by trying to prove her theory and uncover the terrorist’s identity under immense pressure.

The fifth and final episode next week should tell fans who else was behind the bombings.

But The Last Episode Ended With A Major Cliffhanger, Leaving Fans Very Disappointed.


But the last episode ended with a major cliffhanger, leaving fans very disappointed.

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