September 19, 2021

Alicia Johnson has celebrity SAS viewers holding Kerry Katuna’s hand and making a crude comment.

Alicia Johnson had a celebrity SAS audience in Hysterix tonight with Kerry Katuna with a crude commentary on Outdoor Lou.

The two companions held hands as they let go of their stomachs and went to the toilet in the cold in the mountains.

Alica Johnson holds Carrie Katuna's hand on Lou.


Alica Johnson holds Carrie Katuna’s hand on Lou.Credit: C4.
On the first day, Erica suffered from mild hypothermia.


On the first day, Erica suffered from mild hypothermia.Credit: C4.

As the biting wind blew around them, Alicia admitted to Carrie that she had a “cold mix.”

The comment went unnoticed and viewers reacted with tears of laughter on Twitter.

One wrote: “I had a beer when Alicia said ‘Pepper Ming’. I never knew how to spit the beer in myself …

Another said: “Chili Ming. Things you thought you would never hear from Alicia Johnson.”

It was a difficult start for Erica, who needed to be checked by doctors on the first day.

Trembling uncontrollably, she was diagnosed with mild hypothermia and was able to continue.

She was one of the first stars to be invited to chat by Ant Middleton and in an emotional conversation she admitted that she has lost some spark and confidence in recent years.

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