October 27, 2021

Algerian taboo says envoy will return only if France shows “full respect”

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Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebon on Sunday demanded “full respect” from France following visas and critical comments from the North African country of Paris.

Last week’s end Algeria He recalled his ambassador from Paris. And Restrictions on French military aircraft from airspace, which one France Uses regularly to reach out to jihadist forces. Coast South area

The move came after a bitter dispute over visas, after media reports said the French president. Emmanuel Macron. Algeria’s 1954-1962 War of Independence told Algeria that Algeria was ruled by a “political military regime” that had “completely rewritten” its history.

The Algerian president’s office responded by saying the comments, which were not denied, were “interference” in the country’s internal affairs.

On Sunday, Tabon spoke publicly for the first time about the conflict with France, demanding “full respect” from the former colonial power.

Tabon told local media that the return of the Algerian ambassador to France was “subject to the full respect of the Algerian state.”

“We forget that this (Algeria) was once a French colony … history should not be false,” he added.

On the history of Algeria and its French colonial past, Tabon said, “We can’t do something like nothing happened.”

Relations between the two countries have often been strained, but they have never made such a new break in recent days.

‘War of the never-ending memory’

Of macron Remarks last week The French daily Le Monde was widely picked up by the Algerian media, who called it “vitreous”.

The French president allegedly criticized what he called “official history” written by Algeria and said it was “not based on truth”.

And he described the taboo as “stuck in a system that is very strict.”

Macron also called it a French decision Reduction in the number of visas It gives citizens of Algeria, Morocco And Tunisia Students or business people will not be affected.

He said the move, condemned by Algeria, was aimed at “harassing the people in the leadership”.

On Tuesday, Macron said he would. Hopefully, tensions with Algeria will ease..

“I want to be calm because I think it’s better to talk and develop,” he told France Inter Broadcaster.

He also said that relations with Taboon were “really pleasant”.

Algeria had earlier recalled its ambassador from France, home to a large Algerian community.

This happened in May 2020 after the release of a documentary about the French public media. Every pro-democracy protest movement. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. عبدالعزیز بوتفلیقہ From power last year

Nevertheless, Macron has surpassed previous French presidents in trying to inherit France’s colonial history.

In 2017, while campaigning for the presidency, he announced the colonization of Algeria. It was a “crime against humanity.”.

Last month, he apologized to Algerian families who had fought with the French in Algeria.

And last year, Macron commissioned French historian Benjamin Stora on how France handled its colonial heritage in Algeria.

Algiers rejected the Stora report, saying it was “not intended” and “failed to prove France’s official recognition of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the 130 years of Algerian occupation.”

France and Algiers are locked in a “never-ending memory war” and hunting claims, Stora said in its report.



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