October 18, 2021

Algeria demands ‘full respect’ from France: President – Expat guide for France

Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebon on Sunday demanded “full respect” from France following visas and critical comments from the North African country of Paris.

Tabon told local media that the return of the Algerian ambassador to France was “subject to full respect for the Algerian state.”

“We forget that this (Algeria) was once a French colony … history should not be falsified,” the president added, whose country recalled its ambassador from Paris last weekend and visited Paris. During the tension, French military planes were stopped from their airspace.

Regarding Algeria’s history and its French colonial past, Tabon said in his first public reaction to the conflict with France, “We cannot do as if nothing happened.”

Algeria’s moves came after a bitter visa dispute, after media reports said French President Emmanuel Macron had told Algeria’s 1954-1962 war of independence that Algeria was ruled by a “political-military regime”. Was the one who “completely rewrote”. Its history

“Was Algeria a nation before French colonization?” Macron allegedly asked in a commentary published by the French daily Le Monde.

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