September 19, 2021

Alfredo Morelos specializes in custom Rangers trainers.

Rangers star Alfredo Morellos has shown a pair of custom trainers.

The footballer was filmed holding a pair of Nike Air Force trainers with a tick in a red, white and blue design.

They also had the colors of the Colombian flag, which were surrounded by yellow, blue and red, and the number 55 on the back with the trophy.

The names of his wife and daughter are also prominent on the front of the shoe, which was designed by “Shoes”.

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The handmade custom shoe company wrote on its Instagram page: “Personal delivery is not for anyone else. Rangers Striker Alfredo Morellos – Nice to meet you.

“We really hope you like your new ‘Shows’ and we are very grateful for your support. We wish you a wonderful career and a wonderful life with your family – give us your home. Thanks for the welcome and we hope you’ll hear again! ”

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