Alex Salmond cancels RT show ‘until peace is restored’ after growing condemnation

Mr Salmond, who has presented The Alex Salmond Show on the channel since 2017, said it “doesn’t make sense” for the show’s future to “dominate the prime minister’s questions.”

The former SNP leader has faced mounting pressure to disassociate himself from RT, formerly Russia Today, following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The decision to suspend the show also came after former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable appeared on the show this morning, a decision the Scottish party leader called “completely wrong”.

Vince Cable, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, on Alba leader Alex Salmond’s TV show on RT.



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In a statement, Mr Salmond called opposition politicians’ condemnation of his show “blatant attacks on freedom of speech” and said it “provoked a crescendo of personal insults” against former SNP MP Tasminah Ahmed-Sheikh, who co-produces the company behind the program. .

Party leader Alba also suspended the show during the Holyrood election in May, but resumed it as soon as the election ended and Alba failed to win any seats.

He said: “We now have the most terrible of all fears – a hot war in Europe. The efforts of each person should be directed to the restoration of peace.

“This is certainly our goal and as such Slàinte Media have decided to put the Alex Salmond show on hold until this can be secured.

“There is no productive point in the future of the TV show dominating ‘The Prime Minister’s Questions’ as it did yesterday when politicians should be raising the great questions of peace in Europe.”

He defended over 200 episodes of the show, stating that there was “not a single editorial interference from RT”.

Mr Salmond added: “On the contrary, the blatant attacks on freedom of speech by establishment political parties are not only completely hypocritical, but have created a crescendo of personal insults and harassment against my co-host Ms. Ahmed-Sheikh, to the point where she is now quite legitimately concerned the safety of your family.

“All wars end. Let us pray that this war does not escalate further. Now the efforts of every person should be directed to support attempts to restore peace.

The announcement came after Sir Vince Cable, who was business secretary in the Cameron-Clegg coalition government and led the Liberal Democrats between 2017 and 2019, appeared on Thursday’s show.

The show was pulled from RT’s main schedule, formerly Russia Today, but is available in its entirety on the site.

Sir Vince said Scot he asked RT not to broadcast the interview in connection with the full scale invasion of Ukraine.

He said: “The interview had nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine and was about the paperback version of my book Money and Power and my earlier novel.

“I fully condemn the invasion and fully support NATO sanctions and the position [existing party leader] Ed Davy that British measures should be stepped up.

“Due to the events of the morning, I asked RT not to broadcast this interview.”

Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, called the look “completely wrong”.

He said: “Vince Cable is a private individual and is no longer a Liberal Democrat MP, but his appearance on the Salmond RT show this morning was completely wrong. The same applies to Salmond’s ongoing association with this hostile force agent.

“No elected Scottish Liberal Democrat will appear on RT.”

Nicola Sturgeon said on Wednesday she was “overwhelmed” by her former mentor’s continued involvement with the channel, adding that she had previously warned against the move.

She said, “I don’t think it’s any secret now that I didn’t think he should ever have a TV show on RT.

“But it’s even more unthinkable now that this should continue.”

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