Albania begins investigation into the deaths of 4 Russians

Albanian prosecutors say they have launched an investigation into the murder of four Russian tourists at a local beach resort last month.

Four Russians – a married couple, their daughter and son-in-law – were found dead on October 15 in a hotel sauna in the village of Keret, 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of the capital Tirana.

Initial indications were that he died of suffocation, but the circumstances were unclear and no formal coroner’s report has been made public.

Prosecutors said in a statement Thursday that they had registered the case as “murder under other qualifying circumstances,” adding that they were evaluating evidence and evidence from the testimony of witnesses. He did not provide any other details.

The bodies were taken back to Russia a week after their discovery. The Russian embassy in Tirana said tests would be conducted on the remains “to determine the cause of death”.

The Russian tourists, aged 31 to 60, were part of a group that had been staying at the five-star resort for a week.

Tourism is now a major industry in Albania, a small western Balkan country with 300 miles of coastline.


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