October 18, 2021

After the food delivery truck failed to reach the road, a Foaming resident angrily wrote a note to the driver.

An angry note is affixed to a parked car to prevent a supermarket delivery driver from hitting the road.

As the car stopped on the road, the SDA driver had to stop nearby and walk all the way to the customer’s door.

Note complained about the horrible parking that blocked the road.


Note complained about the horrible parking that blocked the road.Credit: Staffordshire Live / BPM Media.

A note left by an anonymous resident on Staffordshire Street reads: “Please think before you park your car on this road.

“If an emergency vehicle needs to pass, it can’t. Please think of others!”

Another resident said: “We have a serious double parking problem and the council has been notified in the past.

We had to put notes on parked cars as neighbors explaining that they were causing a disturbance.

“Residents are worried. If an emergency vehicle doesn’t get down, someone could be in trouble.”

Police and the council said they would discuss whether to put a double yellow line on the road.

This came to light when a driver gave a brutal response when a neighbor left another angry note in his car complaining about his parking.

After two weeks of parking in his place and threatening to involve the council – the driver tricked the complainant into responding.

And a woman was shocked to receive a rude note from a neighbor threatening to report to the council about her “terrible” parking.

In an angry letter, the neighbor said she could no longer get off her driveway – leaving the woman to claim that it was actually the note writer’s fault that he could not drive properly.

And a furious woman angrily wrote a note to the neighbor about which she thought he had removed it – so who do you think is right?

The SDA driver was apparently blocked.


The SDA driver was apparently blocked.Credit: Scholar

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