September 18, 2021

After qualifying, Lewis Hamilton was promoted by the Hungarian GP crowd.

Ruling F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton was at the end of a crowded kiss and jerk after securing pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday. Mercedes won the front row lockout, with teammate Voltaire Bottas taking second place on the grid ahead of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Despite a strong session that left him on the pole, the seven-time champion was hostile to fans because of how the last seconds of Q3 ended. After securing the temporary pole, Hamilton went far beyond Verstapen to make his final flying leap of the session. However, as Versaten stood behind him in Pitt Lane, Hamilton slowed significantly.

He did so throughout the outlaw, keeping both Red Bull cars practically crawling behind him. The tactic resulted in the destruction of the Red Bull, with Perez failing to reach the checkered flag in time to count the leap of his last flight. He also compromised on the lap of Versatapen, who was unable to start his run with enough speed and tire temperature.

Both Hamilton and Botas were unable to improve their time, but it was done anyway as they sealed two places before their first Q3 runs. However, fans did not appreciate the strategy that prevented a legitimate flying lap shootout in the last seconds of the session.

After the session, between running loudly, Hamilton said, “I’ve never felt so good with Boeing. If anything, it just fuels me. So I don’t mind.” “

Meanwhile, Versatile admitted that Mercedes cars have an advantage this weekend. “We’re a little behind the whole weekend and he showed up again in qualifying. Not what we wanted but we’re in third place right now and we’ll see what we can do,” he said.

Botas also followed his partner. “I don’t think it’s appropriate,” he said of the crowd’s reaction. “We’re here as athletes to do our best in the sport of our choice. Lewis finally made an amazing leap and people should ask themselves about this behavior. That’s not right and we Don’t want to hear these things, “he added.

Hamilton refused to play dirty tricks, claiming that his lazy lap was perfectly normal. “I wasn’t playing tricks. I don’t need to play tricks. I know what I’m doing in the car. I’m fast enough.”

Lewis Hamilton
Home Comfort: Lewis Hamilton celebrates after winning first place in the Silver Stone qualifying on Friday.
Lars Baron / Pool

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