September 20, 2021

After putting the dog down, the Blantyre man was banned from keeping animals.

A crawl owner was banned from keeping an animal when his dog had to put it down after losing half its body weight in a year due to hunger.

Rambo, a crossbreed dog, was weighed in at 15.6kg – which he weighed a year ago.

John Campbell, owner of Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, was banned from possessing, keeping and taking animals for three years and was fined ڈالر 1,000.

He acknowledged failing to provide veterinary treatment and nutritious food.

Animal welfare chiefs were warned about a dog’s bones earlier this year.

“On January 18, we received a call on our animal helpline about a dog with ‘skin and bones’ with its ribs, spine and hip bones,” said Sean Robertson, a Scottish SPCA inspector. Was

Glasgow Times:

“After several visits, we finally met Campbell on January 26 at his property in Blantyre.

“We were advised that Rambo was no longer in Campbell’s care, as he had signed an animal charity in the last few days to rebuild his home.

“When Rambo was examined at the veterinary hospital, he was found in a terrible condition, and he was given a score of physical condition.

“This is the lowest possible score, which means he was very weak.

Campbell revealed that Rambo had stopped eating in July 2020, and is thought to have suffered kidney failure as a result.

“He was only 15.6 kg, which means he lost 14.2 kg as he last weighed at the end of 2018.

Sadly, due to his malnutrition and Campbell’s failure to get veterinary attention, Rambo was forced to sleep on veterinary advice.

“I couldn’t believe Rambo’s condition.

Glasgow Times:

“He is the weakest dog I have ever seen in my career and he has certainly suffered.

“His rib cage is so wide that you can count every rib on his body, and it was a very painful sight that I will never forget.

“It’s unimaginable how Campbell can live with Rambo and not think about getting immediate veterinary advice.

“This poor dog had alopecia on the neck, his legs, tail and bottom skin were thin, and the sharply growing nails indicated that he did not walk often.

Campbell completely failed his dog, causing him unnecessary trouble for a long time.

“We are happy that Campbell has received a fine and a three-year ban, but it is disappointing that he did not receive a lifetime ban for this level of negligence.

“We hope he will seriously consider his ability to take care of any animal in the future.”

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