September 20, 2021

After being handcuffed by the villagers, the elephant crushed the man [video]

A man was trampled by an elephant in India after a group of villagers quietly crossed the road.

The incident took place on Sunday in a village in the eastern state of Assam. The herd, including the calves, was crossing a road when villagers shouted for them to be removed. Some even tried to approach the elephants.

Suddenly, an elephant lost its download and turned to the villagers before chasing them. When the mob tried to flee, a man identified as Pascal Manda lost his leg and fell to the ground, after which he was crushed. The elephant then went to his herd.

On Monday, Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

In the video, about 15 elephants can be seen crossing the road as villagers gather on both sides of the road, teasing and provoking them. Suddenly, an elephant erupted and began chasing the mob before crushing a villager. The victim was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The 45-second clip has gone viral on social media with over 176,000 views. Several Twitter users were blaming the villagers for the incident.

One person commented, “The blame is on the humans who live only in the troubled habitat of these animals. We have moved into their place.”

“Tragic … they should have quietly bowed their heads and respected the wonderful creatures and let them go into the jungle. Instead, they were rioting and wreaking havoc resulting in the loss of precious lives. Was lost. What was lost, and another person wrote, collectively blame the assembly.

“Can’t decide who the real” animals “are. One group is quietly crossing a field. The other group is screaming, running, throwing stones. It’s really hard to decide,” said another user. Commented.

One person wrote, “Unfortunately they blame the people here … if they just kept quiet … and kept quiet I can’t believe anything would happen.”

Image of an elephant. Photo: AFP / Beju Boro

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