September 23, 2021

After banning the tick-tock viral craze, the couple criticized the revelation of the dangerous milk crate challenge genre.

A gender has been revealed by an explosion when it ended after the future father fell from a pile of crates.

The video, which has been uploaded to various social media pages, shows a man participating. Tick ​​tock’s latest “milk crate challenge.“.

The foolish father climbs to the top of the milking parlor.


The foolish father climbs to the top of the milking parlor.Credits: Twitter / ms.
The fun ends in a catastrophic fall.


The fun ends in a catastrophic fall.Credits: Twitter / ms.

The challenge is to see people stacking milk cartons and trying to climb them up the stairs.

Not surprisingly, it causes havoc for many people, most of whom stumble from potentially dangerous heights.

According to CNetTik Tak has banned it after doctors declared it dangerous.

But one couple decided to take up the challenge of revealing their gender. The father was holding a plate and a parcel of pink or blue powder in the milk carton.

A video shows the man staggering shortly after hitting the fourth crate, before the whole structure collapses and falls as soon as he steps on the fifth crate.

Blue powder flies in the air while the guests at the party run away happily.

But then the camera intercepts the mother who is with her partner.

He seems to be holding his back in agony as the party follows him.

The video has caused outrage online, with people condemning the dangerous trend.

One said: “This new feed is ridiculous,” one commented.

Another said: “All I can think about is what it’s like to be super-pregnant and make your partner a useless BC, he’s in many ways, he’s just had surgery.”

But one man said: “Hospitals are still overwhelmed. They don’t need idiots to climb unstable piles of milk crates to turn off their resources to verify social media.”

Gender revelations have been the subject of controversy for years, the worst of a couple’s revelations in California, which allegedly sparked the deadly Ed Dorado forest fire in 2020.

Father can be seen on earth in agony.


Father can be seen on earth in agony.Credits: Twitter / ms.
Meanwhile, the party goers cheered happily.


Meanwhile, the party goers cheered happily.Credits: Twitter / ms.
The cruel man who challenged the milk crate was sent away by the children because another epic on his face failed

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