September 22, 2021

After a family dispute, the mother strangled her two children to death and surrendered

A woman in Nairobi strangled and killed her two children before surrendering before going to a nearby police station on Sunday.

The suspect, identified as Diana Cabsi, and her husband, Alex Mehsu, reportedly had frequent disagreements. The woman committed this act after such an argument.

To help them resolve their differences, Cabsey’s mother-in-law began living with him at her home in Degority Sub-County. Citizen Digital However, things did not go as expected and new differences arose between the couple.

On Sunday, Casey returned home after seeing her mother-in-law, including her husband, and locked herself in a room with her three children. He then strangled and killed his two children, aged 3 and 4. The woman did not harm her third child, a two-month-old baby.

After killing her children, the woman called her husband and told him what she had done before going to the police station and surrendering.

Meanwhile, some family members, who were the first to reach out to criminals, found the bodies of children on the sofa with marks on their collars. Their bodies were sent to the hospital for an autopsy.

Mehsu said he and his wife had differences, but did not expect her to kill her children.

“He called me in the evening and told me to come home and say he had killed the children. He had always threatened to kill our children,” he told the shop.

The investigation is ongoing and Kebbis was shown to have a mental illness, said Frances Wahum, sub-county commander of the Kabte police. He is expected to be arrested soon.

Last year, a woman in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad threw her 14-day-old son out of a third-floor apartment after an argument with her husband.

When the woman was pregnant, she tried to kill herself after a heated argument with her husband. She was hospitalized and gave birth to a baby boy the next day. After being released from the hospital, the woman threw her son out of the apartment, killing the child on the spot.

Africa crime scene
Uganda, East Africa crime scene photo. Photo: Isaac Kasmani / AFP / Getty Images

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