September 17, 2021

Adrian Durham handles live football coverage of Talk Sports.

Grand Adrian Durham of Talk Sport, who hosted the Talk Sport Drive for fifteen years, recently teamed up with former England cricket legend Darren Gough to become the main live football presenter for Talk Sport in both Premier League and EFL coverage. Has been, because this station strengthens the coverage of all English clubs. Distribution

Durham will still present a drive show per week and will lead the popular Game Day Live Round the Grounds show on Saturday as he strives to see all 92 grounds throughout the season, giving him unparalleled knowledge and fitness. Ball’s insights bring him to his newly expanded role throughout the week.

TalkSport is set to exclusively broadcast 110 EFL games this season as the network doubles the number of hours of EFL output.

TalkSport’s once-a-week EFL show will now be twice a week, TalkSport 2 will have regular hourly Monday and Friday shows, 300 hours of EFL programming throughout the season, including all live coverage with the network. Will provide

Dan Wendell will lead Monday and Friday shows on Talk Sports that will bring the audience all the latest news from the EFL, with Sheffield United forward Courtney Sweetman Kirk, Ian Holloway managing more than 500 games Bring experience and former wolf goalkeeper Matt Murray.

Lee Clayton, head of TalkSport, said: “After a strong Euro campaign and the lack of direct access to domestic football for fans through epidemics, there will be a lot of interest in the Premier League and the EFL this season as we bring fans up and down the country. Welcome to the stadiums.

“We are empowered by the fans, so this year we are doubling our EFL output and appointing Adrian for a new dedicated role to further strengthen the coverage of all our English clubs. Interest in English football in all divisions.. Adrian has great knowledge and insight into football and loves to live around stadiums in all divisions. He will specialize in our live football schedule throughout the week, also starting coverage of the fields around us on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Adrian Durham said: “I’ve enjoyed all the fifteen years of TalkSport Drive and all the passionate discussions and chats with my wonderful guests and audience during this time. TalkSport plays live sports very well, so I’m a new live football presenter. Excited to play the role of, and going into even more sports, staying with the fans, taking all the emotions of the week from the touchline to all the divisions, and around the fields as well as Qatar and Beyond playing a key role in following England.

TalkSport unveiled its new marketing campaign for the season this week – ‘Power of Fans’ brings every electronic moment from the Premier League and EFL to TalkSport listeners.

You can listen to EFL’s exclusive coverage of Talk Sport via DAB +, download the TalkSport app, or ask your smart speaker to play TalkSport 2.

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