October 27, 2021

Adopting more pets improves happiness!

If you have pets, you know that being around them makes you happy. Therefore, it is understandable that parents of pets will be happier with less people than pets. Now, a new study shows that people with animals in their families are significantly happier without pets. In the study, people with dogs were happier than those with cats.

The study answered a number of important questions, including ‘Do animals make people happier?’ “Does more pets mean more happiness?” “If you were looking for an excuse to adopt another dog, this might be the study!”


How does the study work?

Happy to be aware Surveyed 12,167 people. People didn’t know it was a pet survey. Each person was asked the following two questions in this order.

  1. If you look at the last year of your life, how would you rate your happiness on a scale of 1 to 10?
  2. Do you currently have pets in your home?

Subsequently, Trekking Happiness concluded that pets produce averages without parents and pets. They also collected data on the number of pets, the types of pets and when the pets were adopted.

Are people happier than pets?

Yes! The results show that, on average, people with pets are happier than those without pets. We have a scale of one to ten, with an average of 7.01 pet owners and an average of 6.26 pet owners.

Of the 9,663 people surveyed, at least one had a pet, while 2,504 had no pets.

The man is hugging the cat.

Which pet makes people happy?

Then, Trekking Happiness analyzed the average scores of all types of pet owners. Although dogs were by far the most common pets, after cats, they did not occupy the top spot. Here are the results:

  • Horses: 7.37.
  • dogs: 7.29.
  • Birds: 7.28.
  • Ferrites.: 7.28.
  • Fish: 7.25.
  • Hamsters: 7.06.
  • Reptiles: 6.97.
  • Cats: 6.95.
  • Rabbit: 6.82.
  • Guinea pig: 6.50.
  • Less than pets: 6.26.

Therefore, although cats were the second most popular pet, their humans were 5% less happy than their dogs’ parents. Of course, these findings may be a coincidence because the study did not focus on other aspects of people’s lives. However, the results show that horse owners are happiest because those who own horses can be healthier and more financially stable.

Did Epidemic Pets Improve Happiness?

The number of people adopting animals during COVID-19 epidemics has increased dramatically. But he did. Epidemic pets What difference does it make to their emotional state? Research shows what they did!

The 4,565 people surveyed found a new pet during an epidemic, and their happiness scale averaged 7.36. Still, 5,098 people who raised pets before the epidemic scored an average of just 6.70. Both categories still score more than the pet group.

Therefore, it has been suggested that finding a new pet during an epidemic has significantly improved happiness.

Happy woman and dog.

Does the number of pets affect happiness?

More pets means more happiness. At least that’s what dog lovers have been saying for years. Based on the results of this study, those assumptions are correct. People with two pets have a higher average happiness than just them. Then, those who have three or more pets have a much higher status than the other two. As always, the pet category was far below them.

Therefore, having three or more pets can be the key to happiness! If your family and friends ask why you keep adopting more animals, you now have the research to back up your decisions.

Are happy people more likely to adopt pets?

As it turns out, happy people are more likely to adopt pets in the future. Only 60% of those who chose 10 on the happiness scale said they would like one or more pets in the future. Only 35% of those who chose 1 said so.

Each score in the middle is slightly different, but the higher score usually has the highest percentage. If this research has proven anything, it is that people feel even happier when they keep pets. However, if you want another pet, make sure you have it ready first.

The woman is holding the dog.

Solid evidence or mere coincidence?

Some aspects of this study may be a coincidence, but there is some truth in it. Of course, not everyone in the world was involved and he did not consider other factors of happiness. But if you have your own pet, you will know how happy they are. So, it’s safe to say that there are other people out there who feel the same way.

Adopting a pet is a wonderful and rewarding experience. So, if you are able, adding more pets to your family can improve your happiness, even with that animal’s happiness.

H / T: trackhappiness.com

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